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Angular 2+ Datagrid

Big data & Performance

ag-Grid is the best performing grid in the world, it can handle large sets of complex data while performing as its best. Watch our main demo

Filter & Search

ag-Grid offers the most advanced filtering and search you can imagine, and lets you even create your own filter components using your favourite framework. Bespoke filtering, Column filtering, Excel like column filtering, Search


ag-Grid allows the user to slice and dice the data on their end, very similar to the Excel pivoting functionality, it allows the user to transform rows into columns, apply calculations, group data... Check our pivot docs and examples

Live updates

ag-Grid lets you update the data in your grid in different fashions depending on your business case so your updates all are always pushed immediately to your user Server push - Viewport, Local push


ag-Grid gives you out of the box all you need to enable your CRUD operations, and if you need to create your own editors, it lets you do so by using your favourite framework Editing documentation, Creating your own editors

Excel integration

ag-Grid lets you generate excel files that will look and feel exactly the same as the ones that you provide in your application, all without server interaction. Excel export docs


ag-Grid gives you the ability to copy and paste between grids, excel or most of the major applications, this works in combination with the ability to select complex ranges in the grid Clipboard, Range selection

Grouping, Pinning and Managing columns

ag-Grid offers all the most advanced features for managing columns, including the ability to drag&drop them, or create your own column header components using your favourite framework. Resizing columns, Pinning columns, Grouping headers, Creating your own headers


ag-Grid offers out of the box lighting fast sorting, and lets you provide your own sort comparators, sort by many columns, animations... Sort documentation


ag-Grid it's by programmers to programmers, anything you can do through the UI you can do through APIs the number of different options for customisation are endless. Grid properties, Grid api, Column properties, Column api, Events Callbacks


ag-Grid offers you the ability to paginate no matter where your data comes from and all by providing very minimal configuration. Pagination docs

Totals, Tree Data and Row Grouping

ag-Grid lets you group data, rows and provide totals any way you want. Tree data, Floating rows, Grouping rows, Aggregation, Full width rows

UI Customisation

ag-Grid lets you configure any UI aspect. Almost everything that you see in the UI it's configurable Creating your own theme, Fresh theme, Blue theme, Dark theme, Material theme, Bootstrap theme, Cell Styling

Complex cell content

ag-Grid lets you create complex content going beyond of just rendering some plain data. Formatting your data, Computed cells, Nesting grids, Cell renderers


ag-Grid lets you integrate easily thrid party libraries so you can bring charts easily into your grid D3 integration example

All the big frameworks

ag-Grid lets you work with any of the following frameworks: Angular 1, Angular, React, Vue, Aurelia, WebComponents, javascript.