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ag-Grid is designed to integrate deeply into React. Use our grid as a React component to quickly add a react grid table to your application. Discover key benefits and resources available to quickly add a data grid or React datatable to your React application.

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Before implementing, learn more about ag-Grid React and it's benefits below.

Fully Featured React Grid Table

The most well maintained, web feature-rich React Data Grid component on the market.
Equipped with 63+ Core and Enterprise features, ready to implement out of the box!

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200,000 Downloads Per Month

All the features you'd expect from a React grid.
Among the most common features of the modern grids are Sorting, Filtering and Pagination.
Our React Grid component ships with the following core features:


Enabling sorting lets your users sort a column by clicking the header and sort multiple columns by holding down shift.


Instead of long scrolling, you can configure the grid to display paging controls that allow the users to jump to a specific page of the data set

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1,500+ Companies use ag-Grid Enterprise

Powerful, advanced features designed for Enterprise Applications.
The grid was specifically designed to handle enterprise level feature requirements and data volumes.
ag-Grid React Enterprise ships with the following:


Let your users explore their data. ag-Grid allows the end user to group by specific columns. Optionally, you can display various aggregate column values in the grouped row.

Tree Data

You can easily display data has parent / child relationships by passing the relationship as part of the data. For example, a folder can contain zero or more files and other folders.


Community LogoEveryone can use ag-Grid Community for free. It's MIT licensed and Open Source. No restrictions. No strings attached.

Enterprise LogoYou can evaluate ag-Grid Enterprise without contacting us. A license is only required when you start developing for production.

Integrated Charts

The charting functionality is deeply integrated with the grid.
This integration gives users a seamless charting experience while keeping the coding required by developers to a minimum.

Chart from within the Grid

User created charts are designed to provide an out-of-the box charting experience,
similar to that found in spreadsheet applications such as Excel, but more compelling it will be integrated inside your applications.

The animation above highlights a number of charting features. More details on ag-Charts here.

Delivers outstanding performance

It's ridiculously fast

Our React Grid component is built to deal with large data sets. Designed to deliver the performance required by modern day enterprise applications. The grid can process over 100,000 updates per second and performs smoothly with millions of records.

Save work and development time with the best and fastest React Grid.

And we don't stop there

We understand the modern need for speed, so we constantly working to combine the latest browsers advances and cutting-edge algorithms in our grid to justify the reputation of the best React datagrid in the world.

Stress-test our React grid with 100 000 records and 20 columns

Easy to integrate and customize

It's easy to deeply customize many areas of our React Grid Component

Click operation on right and see the API in action

Customize React Grid

Everything is a customizable component in ag-Grid React

Most of the functionality of our React grid is already component based.
You can easily extend the default functionality by creating your custom React components and integrating them into the grid.

Custom Cell Renderer

If you want more complex HTML inside the cell or need to customise the value before it’s rendered, you can do it with a custom cell renderer.

Cell Renderer Example
Custom Filter Example

Custom Column Filter

Filtering is one of the most useful features of data grids. It allows users to zoom in on a particular set of records. We provide a simple string filtering out of the box.

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Trusted by the Community

200,000 Downloads Per Month

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Over 1,500 Companies use ag-Grid Enterprise
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