You can change the text in the paging panels and the default filters by providing a localeText or a localeTextFunc to the gridOptions.

Using localeText

The example below shows all the locale keys with default values:

localeText: { // Set Filter selectAll: 'Select All', selectAllSearchResults: 'Select All Search Results', searchOoo: 'Search...', blanks: 'Blanks', noMatches: 'No matches.', // Number Filter & Text Filter filterOoo: 'Filter...', equals: 'Equals', notEqual: 'Not equal', // Number Filter lessThan: 'Less than', greaterThan: 'Greater than', lessThanOrEqual: 'Less than or equal', greaterThanOrEqual: 'Greater than or equal', inRange: 'In range', inRangeStart: 'To', inRangeEnd: 'From', // Text Filter contains: 'Contains', notContains: 'Not contains', startsWith: 'Starts with', endsWith: 'Ends with', // Date Filter dateFormatOoo: 'Yyyy-mm-dd', // Filter Conditions andCondition: 'AND', orCondition: 'OR', // Filter Buttons applyFilter: 'Apply', resetFilter: 'Reset', clearFilter: 'Clear', cancelFilter: 'Cancel', // Side Bar columns: 'Columns', filters: 'Filters', // columns tool panel pivotMode: 'Pivot Mode', groups: 'Row Groups', rowGroupColumnsEmptyMessage: 'Drag here to set row groups', values: 'Values', valueColumnsEmptyMessage: 'Drag here to aggregate', pivots: 'Column Labels', pivotColumnsEmptyMessage: 'Drag here to set column labels', // Header of the Default Group Column group: 'Group', // Other loadingOoo: 'Loading...', noRowsToShow: 'No Rows To Show', enabled: 'Enabled', // Menu pinColumn: 'Pin Column', pinLeft: 'Pin Left', pinRight: 'Pin Right', noPin: 'No Pin', valueAggregation: 'Value Aggregation', autosizeThiscolumn: 'Autosize This Column', autosizeAllColumns: 'Autosize All Columns', groupBy: 'Group by', ungroupBy: 'Un-Group by', resetColumns: 'Reset Columns', expandAll: 'Expand All', collapseAll: 'Close All', copy: 'Copy', ctrlC: 'Ctrl+C', copyWithHeaders: 'Copy With Headers', paste: 'Paste', ctrlV: 'Ctrl+V', export: 'Export', csvExport: 'CSV Export', excelExport: 'Excel Export (.xlsx)', excelXmlExport: 'Excel Export (.xml)', // Enterprise Menu Aggregation and Status Bar sum: 'Sum', min: 'Min', max: 'Max', none: 'None', count: 'Count', avg: 'Average', filteredRows: 'Filtered', selectedRows: 'Selected', totalRows: 'Total Rows', totalAndFilteredRows: 'Rows', page: 'Page', more: 'More', to: 'To', of: 'Of', next: 'Next', last: 'Last', first: 'First', previous: 'Previous', // Enterprise Menu (Charts) pivotChartAndPivotMode: 'Pivot Chart & Pivot Mode', pivotChart: 'Pivot Chart', chartRange: 'Chart Range', columnChart: 'Column', groupedColumn: 'Grouped', stackedColumn: 'Stacked', normalizedColumn: '100% Stacked', barChart: 'Bar', groupedBar: 'Grouped', stackedBar: 'Stacked', normalizedBar: '100% Stacked', pieChart: 'Pie', pie: 'Pie', doughnut: 'Doughnut', line: 'Line', xyChart: 'X Y (Scatter)', scatter: 'Scatter', bubble: 'Bubble', areaChart: 'Area', area: 'Area', stackedArea: 'Stacked', normalizedArea: '100% Stacked', histogramChart: 'Histogram', // Charts pivotChartTitle: 'Pivot Chart', rangeChartTitle: 'Range Chart', settings: 'Settings', data: 'Data', format: 'Format', categories: 'Categories', defaultCategory: '(None)', series: 'Series', xyValues: 'X Y Values', paired: 'Paired Mode', axis: 'Axis', navigator: 'Navigator', color: 'Color', thickness: 'Thickness', xType: 'X Type', automatic: 'Automatic', category: 'Category', number: 'Number', time: 'Time', xRotation: 'X Rotation', yRotation: 'Y Rotation', ticks: 'Ticks', width: 'Width', height: 'Height', length: 'Length', padding: 'Padding', spacing: 'Spacing', chart: 'Chart', title: 'Title', titlePlaceholder: 'Chart title - double click to edit', background: 'Background', font: 'Font', top: 'Top', right: 'Right', bottom: 'Bottom', left: 'Left', labels: 'Labels', size: 'Size', minSize: 'Minimum Size', maxSize: 'Maximum Size', legend: 'Legend', position: 'Position', markerSize: 'Marker Size', markerStroke: 'Marker Stroke', markerPadding: 'Marker Padding', itemSpacing: 'Item Spacing', itemPaddingX: 'Item Padding X', itemPaddingY: 'Item Padding Y', layoutHorizontalSpacing: 'Horizontal Spacing', layoutVerticalSpacing: 'Vertical Spacing', strokeWidth: 'Stroke Width', offset: 'Offset', offsets: 'Offsets', tooltips: 'Tooltips', callout: 'Callout', markers: 'Markers', shadow: 'Shadow', blur: 'Blur', xOffset: 'X Offset', yOffset: 'Y Offset', lineWidth: 'Line Width', normal: 'Normal', bold: 'Bold', italic: 'Italic', boldItalic: 'Bold Italic', predefined: 'Predefined', fillOpacity: 'Fill Opacity', strokeOpacity: 'Line Opacity', histogramBinCount: 'Bin count', columnGroup: 'Column', barGroup: 'Bar', pieGroup: 'Pie', lineGroup: 'Line', scatterGroup: 'X Y (Scatter)', areaGroup: 'Area', histogramGroup: 'Histogram', groupedColumnTooltip: 'Grouped', stackedColumnTooltip: 'Stacked', normalizedColumnTooltip: '100% Stacked', groupedBarTooltip: 'Grouped', stackedBarTooltip: 'Stacked', normalizedBarTooltip: '100% Stacked', pieTooltip: 'Pie', doughnutTooltip: 'Doughnut', lineTooltip: 'Line', groupedAreaTooltip: 'Area', stackedAreaTooltip: 'Stacked', normalizedAreaTooltip: '100% Stacked', scatterTooltip: 'Scatter', bubbleTooltip: 'Bubble', histogramTooltip: 'Histogram', noDataToChart: 'No data available to be charted.', pivotChartRequiresPivotMode: 'Pivot Chart requires Pivot Mode enabled.', }

Using localeTextFunc

The example above works great if all you are translating is ag-Grid. However what if you want to bind localisation into your wider applications? That can be done by providing your own localeTextFunc, which is an alternative to the above.

The sample code below shows how such a function can used. The function takes the key from the grid and uses a translate function outside of the grid for doing the translation. If no match is found, the default value should be returned (which is the English value for the grid, the grid's default language).

var gridOptions = { localeTextFunc: function(key, defaultValue) { // to avoid key clash with external keys, we add 'grid' to the start of each key. var gridKey = 'grid.' + key; // look the value up. here we use the AngularJS 1.x $filter service, however you // can use whatever service you want, AngularJS 1.x or otherwise. var value = $filter('translate')(gridKey); return value === gridKey ? defaultValue : value; } ... };