ag-Grid Modules & Packages

Version 22.0.0 changes the way ag-Grid is made available by providing functionality in modules, allowing you to pick and choose which features you require, resulting in a smaller application size overall.


There are two main ways to install ag-Grid - either by using packages (ag-grid-community or ag-grid-enterprise), or by using modules.

Packages are the easiest way to use ag-Grid, but by default include all code specific to each package, whereas modules allow you to cherry pick what functionality you want, which will allow for a reduced overall bundle size.

The rest of this page will discuss the use of packages. Please refer to the modules documentation for more information on that side of things.

ag-grid-community & ag-grid-enteprise

ag-grid-community contains all of the Community code and is additionally "self-registering", so you don't need to provide modules to the Grid (either directly, or via ).

ag-grid-enterprise adds Enterprise functionality - in order to use it you need to specify both it and ag-grid-community.

Please refer to the Getting Started guides for a walkthrough on how to install and use these packages from the ground up:

Or maybe your are doing something a little less common...