Value Setters

After cell editing the grid normally inserts the new value into your data using the column definition field attribute. If it's not possible to use a field attribute, you can provide a Value Setter instead.

A Value Setter is the inverse of a Value Getter. Where the value getter allows getting values from your data using a function rather than a field, the value setter allows you to set values into your data using a function rather than specifying a field.

The following is an example of how you would configure a column using the field attribute and then follows how the same can be done using value getters and value setters.

// Option 1 - using field colDef = { field: 'name'; }; // Options 2 - using valueGetter and valueSetter // value getter used to get data colDef = { valueGetter: function(params) { return; }, valueSetter: function(params) { return = params.newValue; } };

Example Value Setter

The example below demonstrates value setters working along side value getters (value setters are typically only used along side value getters). Note the following:

  • All columns are editable. After an edit, the example prints the updated row data to the console to show the impact of the edit.
  • Column A uses field for both getting and setting the value. This is the simple case for comparison.
  • Column B uses valueGetter and valueSetter instead of field for getting and setting the value. There is no benefit over using the field, but demonstrates how the same can be achieved.
  • Column Name uses valueGetter to combine the value from the two attributes firstName and lastName and valueSetter is used to break the value up into the two same attributes.
  • Column C.X and C.Y use valueGetter to get the value from an embedded object. They then use valueSetter to set the value into the embedded object while also making sure the correct structure exists (this structure creation would not happen if using field).

Value Setter Return Value

A value setter should return true if the value was updated successfully and false if the value was not updated (including if the value was not changed).

When you return true, the grid knows it must refresh the cell.

Value Setter Parameters

The parameters provided ot a value setter are as follows:

// interface for params interface ValueGetterParams { oldValue: any, // the value before the change newValue: any, // the value after the change data: any, // the data you provided for this row node: RowNode, // the row node for this row colDef: ColDef, // the column def for this column column: Column, // the column for this column api: GridApi, // the grid API columnApi: ColumnApi, // the grid Column API context: any // the context }