ag-Grid started as a side project, grew in adoption, then grew some more, news spread, and is today one of the most widely used grid components in all life-bearing planets known to man. Below are press releases and other news related media released at different parts of the journey. If you want to know where ag-Grid came from and where it is going, take a read at the items below. They are listed latest first, so you might want to start at the bottom.
Building a CRUD Application with ag-Grid - Part 3
21st November 2017
Sean Landsman

The third part in a series of blogs about Building a CRUD Application with ag-Grid. In this part we take a look at implementing a first pass of our front end, integerating the data from the backend into a simple Grid.

What's New in ag-Grid v14.2.0
14th November 2017
Sophia Lazarova

Find out what the team has prepared for you with v14.2.0

Building a CRUD Application with ag-Grid - Part 2
7th November 2017
Sean Landsman

The second part in a series of blogs about Building a CRUD Application with ag-Grid. In this part we take a look at the Middle Tier - exposing our data with a REST Service.

ag-Grid v14 Released
2nd November 2017
Niall Crosby

With improved tree data, row grouping, examples in React and Angular and much more.

Building a CRUD Application with ag-Grid - Part 1
24th October 2017
Sean Landsman

The first in a series of blogs about building a CRUD Application with ag-Grid (all the way from the Database to ag-Grid). We use Java, Hibernate and Spring in the middle tier, with Angular and ag-Grid on the frontend.

8 Performance Hacks for JavaScript
20th Sept 2017
Niall Crosby
Performance patterns, or performance 'hacks', used in ag-Grid that puts the grid on steroids.
Big Data / Small Browser
19th May 2017
Niall Crosby
Big data doesn't fit in a browser, so here is the thinking behind ag-Grid's new Enterprise Model.
Using React and Redux with ag-Grid
13th May 2017
Sean Landsman
Learn how to combine ag-Grid, React and Redux, getting the best from all three great libraries.
ag-Grid partners with webpack
20th March 2017
Niall Crosby
ag-Grid and webpack announce their partnership that will see ag-Grid contribute to the future of webpack. This is the first commitment in our Corporate Social Responsibility as we give back to the community that we come from.
Webpack Tutorial: Using @ngTools/webpack
14th March 2017
Sean Landsman
Tutorial on how to use @ngtools/Webpack with AOT
Using VueJS Components in ag-Grid
1st March 2017
Sean Landsman
Tutorial on how to use ag-Grid using VueJS and dynamic VueJS Components.
From Hater to Fan – How I fell in Love with ag-Grid
15th February 2017
Amit Moryossef
This is a guest blog from one of our users, Amit Moryossef, who describes his experience in working with ag-Grid.
Git on the Command Line - Improving the Experience
6th February 2017
Sean Landsman
Configuring Git and enhancing your Command Line to give you instant feedback on where you are and what you're doing.
Webpack Tutorial: Understanding How it Works
23rd January 2017
Sean Landsman
Getting to grips with Webpack we go into detail on how to use Webpack to transpile and bundle code, as well as how to process CSS and images.
Understanding AOT and Dynamic Components in Angular 2
8th December 2016
Sean Landsman
Expanding on our previous blog entry, we go into detail on understanding how do use Dynamic Angular 2 Components with AOT.
ag-Grid v7: AOT & Angular 2 Components
30th November 2016
Self Published
Having worked hard to find a way to offer both full Angular 2 Components together with AOT support, we finally crack it!
ag-Grid - The Enterprise Datagrid For Aurelia
30th November 2016
Self Published
We're really excited to be able to offer support for Aurelia - another great reason to choose ag-Grid as your Enterprise Data Grid!
8 reasons to choose ag-Grid as your JavaScript Datagrid
27th October 2016
Self Published
Having spoken to many users of ag-Grid, we understand why 9 out of 10 cats choose ag-Grid over the competition. This article explains the main reasons why ag-Grid is becoming the globally leading JavaScript data grid.
We're gonna need a bigger boat: from speaker to sponsor with ag-Grid
5th October 2016
Self Published
The story behind ag-Grid sponsoring Angular Connect 2016 – one of Europe’s largest Angular conferences. Not bad considering only 6 months after ag-Grid Enterprise launched.
Announcing ag-Grid v6 and Angular 2 Support
21 September 2016
Self Published
Press release announcing version 6 of ag-Grid, introducing full support for Angular 2 components within ag-Grid.
Announcing ag-Grid v5 and Pivot
13th July 2016
Self Published
Press release announcing version 5 of ag-Grid, introducing Pivot for the first time to a general purpose JavaScript data grid.
ag-Grid Goes Commercial
9th March 2016
Self Published
Press release announcing version 4 of ag-Grid, the first version of ag-Grid to have both free (ag-Grid) and commercial (ag-Grid-Enterprise) version of the grid.
Understand Packaging for Javascript, TypesScript, CommonJS and Everything Else
9th February 2016
Self Published
Supporting all the frameworks and build systems took days of research and practicing. This article goes through lessons learnt and how to structure a project while supporting all the frameworks and build systems around today.
Announcing React and ag-Grid
28th January 2016
Self Published
Article announcing ag-Grids support for React. Not only do they work together, they play together very well indeed!
Stepping it Up, ag-Grid Focuses on Agnostic in 2016
25th October 2015
Self Published
Article taking a step back from ag-Grid and sharing the plans for ag-Grid and 2016.
Building Performant components for AngularJS 1.x
21st October 2015
Angular Connect
Niall Crosby giving a talk on how he got ag-Grid to work fast. This does not mean ag-Grid only works with Angular, it's a framework agnostic grid, it works using plain Javascript also.
Embracing the Future with Angular 2.0, Web Components and ag-Grid
25th September 2015
Self Published
This article explains Niall's thinking behind positioning ag-Grid as a framework agnostic grid while still keeping aligned with the future of Angular via Angular's use of Web Components.
Angular Air Episode 32: ag-Grid
15th September 2015
by Angular Air
Niall Crosby discusses ag-Grid with the Angular Air team. Hear Niall speak openly about the story of ag-Grid, Angular 2 and Web Components, and also the future of ag-Grid.
Why The World Needed Another AngularJS 1.x Grid
31st March 2015
Self Published
This is the article that kicked it all off. Niall explains why he found himself disregarding all other grids after lots of frustration and started ag-Grid.