Free Support

The free version of ag-Grid is given under MIT license and comes with no warranty or support. All feature request and bugs raised by the community will be taken as advice.

If you are only interested in the free features of ag-Grid but require support, you can purchase a Enterprise license to access support. If you don't require support, you can 'give back' to the ag-Grid project by purchasing a token license. The donation will help ag-Grid grow into the future.

Enterprise Support

ag-Grid Enterprise users have access to guaranteed support through the members only forum. The members forum is monitored by the ag-Grid team and the team will endeavour to progress all threads within one working day. A time slot is committed each day to making sure all items on the forum are progressing.

Feature requests and bugs raised by Enterprise users will be given priority and serious consideration. Discussions had with Enterprise users will also help dictate the ag-Grid road-map.

Support Channels

Query ag-Grid (free) ag-Grid-Enterprise
I got this error, why? Stack Overflow Members Forum
Please look at my code? Stack Overflow Members Forum
I got an error and 99% sure it's a bug Github issue Github issue or Members Forum
I have an idea/request Github issue Github issue or Members Forum
Why do you? Not covered Members Forum
When will you? Not covered Members Forum
Billing issues Not covered Email

Changelog and Pipeline of Work

For the Changelog covering versions 7.x and earlier please go to here.

To see our Pipeline of up and coming Features and Bug Fixes, please go here.

Github Issues

Github should not be used for requesting help. Issues in Github are for tracking bugs and potential features inside ag-Grid only.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow should be used for unofficial 'free' ag-Grid support. All ag-Grid related queries should be tagged with ag-Grid

Members Forum

Only customers of ag-Grid Enterprise can post in the members forum. However anyone can view the forum, it's free to browse.

Raising Bugs

Use Github Issues to report bugs. When reporting a bug please:

  • Write steps to reproduce the error.
  • If the bug cannot be reproduced via one of the documentation examples, provide a Plunker (or use a similar website)