"We’re using ag-Grid as a major component in our enterprise analytics and reporting product and it’s incredible. Prior to ag-Grid, we tried jqGrid, jqxGrid, DataTables, and SlickGrid, which all have their strong points, but we eventually ran into a wall with certain features. ag-Grid’s grouping, aggregation, filtering, and all-around flexibility allowed us to quickly integrate it into our product. And, the performance is truly awesome!"
Andrew Taft
Head of Product Development at Insight Technology Group
"We love Ag-grid for its simple integration, blazing-fast performance, and friendly community."
Lucas Val
VP of Product Development at Hexonet Services Inc
"Remarkable speed and extensibility, ag-Grid is the best web feature-rich BI tool on the market."
Robin Cote
Senior Systems Developer, Investment Solutions Group, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan
"I'm so glad you made ag-Grid! Finally, someone has done it right. I started using Google's Table visualizations, then tried dataTables.net and then js-Grid before I discovered your product. Your design and implementation is brilliant."
Graham Smith
United Healthcare Workers West
"For those who are just checking into this project, stop looking at others and start using agGrid. This is an amazing piece of work and the api is so deep, you will be thrilled to find out all it is capable of doing. Thanks to @ceolter for his efforts, you have helped improve our application with agGrid."
Mike Erickson
Code Dungeon
"We just made the move from Kendo to ag-grid and we love it. It’s fast and very flexible."
Jason Boorn
Senior Architect, Roobricks
"I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you have put into ag-Grid. I have been using the free version for about a year and have to say it is definitely the best grid framework out there."
Jordan Berry
CTO / Co-Founder, Interloop
"Ag-grid is one of the best Grids I have ever worked with. In spite of being feature rich it is still one of the fastest grids I have ever used. This grid will be an essential part of my tool kit especially when working with extremely large datasets."
Zach Lewis
Senior Software Developer, Nutraceutical

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