JavaScript Data GridColumn Options Reference
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Configuration for columns ColDef<TData, TValue> and column groups ColGroupDef<TData>.


See: Value Getters
See: Value Formatters
See: Suppress Keyboard Events

Columns: Accessibility

Columns: Display

Columns: Editing

See Cell Editing for more information.

See: Saving Values
See: Parsing Values
See: Many Editors One Column

Columns: Events

Columns: Filter

See Filtering for more information.

Columns: Header

See Column Headers for more information.

See: Legacy Tabbed Column Menu
See: Customising the Menu Items
See: Suppress Keyboard Events
See: Header Checkbox Selection

Columns: Integrated Charts

(Enterprise only) See Integrated Charts

Columns: Pinned

See Column Pinning for more information.

Columns: Pivoting

(Enterprise only) See Pivoting

Columns: Rendering and Styling

See: Cell Style
See: Cell Class
See: Cell Class Rules
See: Many Renderers One Column

Columns: Row Dragging

See Row Dragging for more information.

Columns: Row Grouping

(Enterprise only) See Row Grouping

Columns: Sort

See Row Sorting for more information.

Columns: Spanning

See Column / Row Spanning

Columns: Tooltips

See: Tooltip Component

Columns: Width

See Column Sizing for more information.


For column groups, the property children is mandatory. When the grid sees children it knows it's a column group.

See Column Groups for more information.

Groups: Header

See Column Headers for more information.