Vue Data GridProvide/Inject With AG Grid Vue Components
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When using Vue Components within AG Grid you are able to use provide / context, but only in the Options format below:

// Parent Grid
const VueExample = {
    template: `
                style="width: 100%; height: 100%;"
    components: {
        'ag-grid-vue': AgGridVue,
        'myRenderer': MyRenderer
    provide: {
        'providedValue': 'testValue' // provide this value to grid components
    // of the component definition

// Child Grid Component
export default {
    name: 'myRenderer',
    template: `<span>{{ value }} {{ test }}</span>`,
    inject: ['providedValue'],   // retrieve/inject the provided value
    // of the component definition

You cannot use the new Composition API (inject/provide) as this is not supported by Vue when using createVNode, but the above is a workable alternative.

Alternatively you could consider using the Grid's Context mechanism to share data with child components.