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JavaScript Data Grid: Load Retry

When a datasource load fails, it is possible to retry loading the rows again at a later time.

When loading fails, the datasource informs the grid of such using the fail() callback instead of using the success() callback. Calling fail() puts the loading rows into a Loading Failed state which hides the loading spinner. No data is shown in these rows as they are not loaded.

Failed loads can be retried by using the grid API retryServerSideLoads(). This will retry all loads that have previously failed.

Gets all failed server side loads to retry.
retryServerSideLoads = () => void;


Below shows two examples demonstrating retrying failed loads. One example uses the Full Store while the other uses the Partial Store. Both examples otherwise work identically. Note the following:

  • When the checkbox 'Make Loads Fail' is checked, all subsequent loads will fail, i.e. the Datasource will call fail() instead of success(). Try checking the checkbox and expand a few groups to observe failed loading.
  • When the button 'Retry Failed Loads' is pressed, any loads which were marked as failed are retried.
  • When the button 'Reset Entire Grid' is pressed, the grid will reset. This allows you to have 'Make Loads Fail' checked while starting from scratch, thus failing loading of the top level of rows.

The following is the retry example with Partial Store:

The following is the retry example with Full Store:

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