JavaScript Data GridInstall Integrated Charts


This section shows how to install Integrated Charts using Modules or Packages.

Integrated Charts Module

To reduce bundle sizes in applications that do not require charts, AG Grid provides a dedicated charts AG Grid Module, free from third-party library dependencies. This approach is recommended for most applications.

The Integrated Enterprise Charts module, which includes AG Charts Enterprise, can be imported as follows:

// Import minimal modules required for charts
import { ModuleRegistry } from "@ag-grid-community/core";
import { ClientSideRowModelModule } from "@ag-grid-community/client-side-row-model";
import { GridChartsModule } from "@ag-grid-enterprise/charts-enterprise";

ModuleRegistry.registerModules([ClientSideRowModelModule, GridChartsModule]);

When importing from @ag-grid-enterprise/charts, only AG Chart Community features are available.

Integrated Charts Package

Applications that are not using ES6 Modules and are instead using the bundled version of AG Grid Enterprise can install Integrated Enterprise Charts as follows:

npm install --save ag-grid-charts-enterprise

Then in your code you can import the charts module as shown below:

// import the AG Grid Enteprise package - this includes all enterprise features and performs all 
// required registration
import  "ag-grid-charts-enterprise";

// rest of your code 

The ag-grid-charts-enterprise package includes AG Grid Enterprise and AG Charts Enterprise.

The ag-grid-enterprise package is limited to AG Chart Community features.

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