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Layout For Print

The 'For Print' renders the table without using any scrollbars. The grid will flow outside the viewable area of the browser if it is large enough, leaving the user to have to scroll using the browser to view the table data. To set 'For Print', set the property domLayout=forPrint.

When using 'for print', there are no pinned columns and row virtualisation does not happen. Because there is no row virtualisation, be careful not to have to many rows in your page, as a large number of rows could have a large impact on how long it takes for the browser to render the page.

Why 'For Print'

You will want to use 'for print' for printing. The table normally will have parts of the table clipped with the scrolling viewport. However using 'for print' renders the entire table, perfect for printing.

Simple Example

Below is an example table using 'for print'. The table is also fitted with a border, to highlight where the table ends (both right hand side and bottom). Notice you can resize the columns, and the table will widen or narrow to suit. Also notice you can filter the table, and the removed rows will make the table take up less space on the page.

Note: If you do see scrolls below, it is the scrolls of the example iFrame, not the grid.

Complex Example

The following example demonstrates for print when used in combination with pinned rows, pinned columns and fullWidth rows. For each of these, the grid should flatten out all the rows so all are printed and none hidden. This is the same as the first example is the section on full width rows with the exception of for print is turned on.

The example below appears to have horizontal and vertical scrolls. These are the scrolls of the iFrame only, the grid itself has no scrolls. This means that everything inside the scrolls will be printed if you tried to print the contents of the iFrame.

For Print and RTL

If you are using RTL (for Right to Left languages), it will work but you need to be careful. The grid will expect the browser the horizontally scroll to the left. This means you have to set CSS direction=rtl on the body element of your document. This is demonstrated in the example below.

For Print and Master Detail Grids

It is not possible to have one grid embedded inside another grid with the forPrint setting different for each grid. So if doing master / detail and have one grid INSIDE another grid, then both grids must have either domLayout="forPrint" on or off.