JavaScript Data GridOverlays

Overlays are used for displaying messages over the top of the grid. There are two built-in overlays: loading and no-rows.

Loading overlay

Show or hide the loading overlay by setting the loading property to true or false.

The loading overlay takes precedence over the no-rows overlay and is not dependent of the state of rowData.

No rows overlay

When rowData is empty / undefined the grid automatically displays the no-rows overlay. The no-rows overlay can also be programmatically shown / hidden via the grid API.

The automatic displaying of the no-rows overlay can be suppressed by setting suppressNoRowsOverlay to true.

Initial loading overlay

If loading is not explicitly defined, the grid will automatically show the loading overlay until both rowData and columnDefs are provided with a non-null value for the first time. This behaviour can be suppressed by initialising the grid with an appropriate loading state.


Overlays can be customised by providing either a HTML string or custom component via grid properties.

Custom Loading Overlay

The loading overlay can be customised via the grid properties overlayLoadingTemplate or loadingOverlayComponent and loadingOverlayComponentParams.