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AG Grid packages are the easiest way to get started with AG Grid, but the trade-off will be a larger overall bundle size if you don't need all of the features within a given package.


The following artifacts are "packages" and are designed to work together:

Package NameContents
ag-grid-communityAll Community Features
ag-grid-enterpriseAll Enterprise Features
ag-grid-charts-enterpriseAG Grid Enterprise & AG Charts Enterprise

When using packages you get all of the code within that package and cannot pick and choose which features you require. Unlike Modules there is no need to register feature modules with the grid as the packages take care of this for you.

As a result it is easier to use packages but the trade-off will be that you end up with a larger bundle size if you don't require all the features within a given package.

If you do decide to use packages you'll need to specify ag-grid-community as a minimum dependency:

"dependencies": {
    "ag-grid-community": "~31.2.1"
    //...other dependencies...

You can then (optionally) specify ag-grid-enterprise if you require Enterprise features:

"dependencies": {
    "ag-grid-community": "~31.2.1"

+   "ag-grid-enterprise": "~31.2.1"
    //...other dependencies...

If you do require Enterprise features you'll additionally need to import the ag-grid-enterprise package for it to be included in your application:

import 'ag-grid-enterprise';

Example: Packages

If you are using packages then check that you select the 'Packages' option from the example runner dropdown as this means the code that you see will be using packages. This is important as it means any imports will be from packages enabling correct copy and pasting.

Mixing packages and modules

Do not mix packages and modules! This will result in a large bundle size!

It is vitally important that you do not mix packages and modules in the same application as you will end up including AG Grid twice and doubling your bundle size! All modules are scoped by either @ag-grid-community/* or @ag-grid-enterprise/* and should not be mixed with the standalone packages of ag-grid-community and ag-grid-enterprise.

"dependencies": {
    "ag-grid-community": "~31.2.1" // a package dependency
    "@ag-grid-enterprise/row-grouping": "~31.2.1" // a module dependency
    //...other dependencies...

Please refer to the Modules documentation if you are concerned with bundle size.

Please refer to the Getting Started guides for a walk through on how to install and use these packages from the ground up.