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Angular Data Grid: Set Filter - Overview

The Set Filter takes inspiration from Excel's AutoFilter and allows filtering on sets of data. It is built on top of the shared functionality that is common across all Provided Filters.

Set Filter

Set Filter Sections

The Set Filter is comprised of the following sections:

  • Mini Filter: used to narrow the values available for selection inside the Filter List.
  • Select All: used to select / deselect all values shown in the Filter List.
  • Filter List: a list of Set Filter Values which can be selected / deselected to set the filter.
  • Filter Buttons: Action buttons that can be optionally added to the bottom of the Set Filter.

Enabling Set Filters

The Set Filter is the default filter used in AG Grid Enterprise, but it can also be explicitly configured as shown below:

    /* other grid options ... */>

this.columnDefs = [
    // Set Filter is used by default in Enterprise version
    { field: 'athlete', filter: true },
    // explicitly configure column to use the Set Filter
    { field: 'country', filter: 'agSetColumnFilter' },

The following example demonstrates how the Set Filter can be enabled. Note the following:

  • The Athlete column has filter=true which defaults to the Set Filter as this example is using AG Grid Enterprise.
  • The Country column is explicitly configured to use the Set Filter using filter='agSetColumnFilter'.
  • All other columns are configured to use the Number Filter using filter='agNumberColumnFilter'.
  • Filters can be accessed from the Column Menu or by clicking on the filter icon in the Floating Filters.

Set Filter Parameters

Parameters that are common to all Provided Filters:

Specifies the buttons to be shown in the filter, in the order they should be displayed in. The options are:
  • 'apply': If the Apply button is present, the filter is only applied after the user hits the Apply button.
  • 'clear': The Clear button will clear the (form) details of the filter without removing any active filters on the column.
  • 'reset': The Reset button will clear the details of the filter and any active filters on that column.
  • 'cancel': The Cancel button will discard any changes that have been made to the filter in the UI, restoring the applied model.
If the Apply button is present, the filter popup will be closed immediately when the Apply or Reset button is clicked if this is set to true.
Default: false
By default the Text and Number filters will debounce by 500ms. This is because these filters have text field inputs, so time is given to the user to type items in before the input is formatted and the filtering applied. The Set and Date will execute immediately (no debounce). To override these defaults, set debounceMs to the number of milliseconds to debounce by.
This property is for when using the Client Side Row Model only. When set to 'clear', updating the data in the grid by calling api.setRowData() (or updating the rowData property if bound by a framework) will clear (reset) the filter. If you instead set this to 'keep', the grid will keep its currently set filter when the data is updated.
Default: 'clear'
Options: 'clear', 'keep'
If set to true, disables controls in the filter to mutate its state. Normally this would be used in conjunction with the Filter API. See Read-only Filter UI.
Default: false

Parameters that are specific to the Set Filter:

The values to display in the Filter List. If this is not set, the filter will takes its values from what is loaded in the table. See Supplying Filter Values.
values: SetFilterValues;

type SetFilterValues = 
    | any[]

type SetFilterValuesFunc = 
      (params: SetFilterValuesFuncParams) => void

interface SetFilterValuesFuncParams {
  // The function to call with the values to load into the filter once they are ready. 
  success: (values: string[]) => void;
  // The column definition from which the set filter is invoked. 
  colDef: ColDef;
  // Column from which the set filter is invoked. 
  column: Column;
  columnApi: ColumnApi;
  api: GridApi;
  // The context as provided on `gridOptions.context` 
  context: any;
Refresh the values every time the Set filter is opened. See Refreshing Values.
The height of values in the Filter List in pixels.
If true, the Set Filter values will not be sorted. Use this if you are providing your own values and don't want them sorted as you are providing in the order you want. See Supplying Filter Values.
Default: false
{ new(): ICellRendererComp; } | ICellRendererFunc | string
Similar to the Cell Renderer for the grid. Setting it separately here allows for the value to be rendered differently in the filter. See Filter List Cell Renderer.
cellRenderer: { new(): ICellRendererComp; } | ICellRendererFunc | string;

interface ICellRendererFunc {
    (params: ICellRendererParams) : HTMLElement | string
Set to true to hide the Mini Filter. See Hiding the Mini Filter.
Default: false
Set to true to apply the Set Filter immediately when the user is typing in the Mini Filter. See Keyboard Shortcuts.
Default: false
Set to true to remove the Select All checkbox.
Default: false
By default, when the Set Filter is opened all values are shown selected. Set this to true to instead show all values as de-selected by default. See Default State.
Comparator for sorting. If not provided, the Column Definition comparator is used. If Column Definition comparator is also not provided, the default (grid provided) comparator is used. See Sorting Filter Lists.
comparator = (
    a: any,
    b: any
) => number;
If specified, this formats the text before applying the Mini Filter compare logic, useful for instance to substitute accented characters. See Custom Searches.
textFormatter = (from: string) => string;
(params: ValueFormatterParams) => string
valueFormatter = (
    params: ValueFormatterParams
) => string;

interface ValueFormatterParams {
  // Value for the cell. 
  value: any;
  // Row node for the given row 
  node: RowNode | null;
  // Data associated with the node 
  data: any;
  // Column for this callback 
  column: Column;
  // ColDef provided for this column 
  colDef: ColDef;
  api: GridApi;
  columnApi: ColumnApi;
  // The context as provided on `gridOptions.context` 
  context: any;
If true, hovering over a value in the Set Filter will show a tooltip containing the full, untruncated value. See Filter Value Tooltips.
Default: false
If true, enables case-sensitivity in the SetFilter Mini-Filter and Filter List.
Default: false.
'mac' | 'windows'
Changes the behaviour of the Set Filter to match that of Excel's AutoFilter. See Excel Mode.

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