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Angular Data Grid: Set Filter - Overview

The Set Filter takes inspiration from Excel's AutoFilter and allows filtering on sets of data. It is built on top of the shared functionality that is common across all Provided Filters.

Set Filter

Set Filter Sections

The Set Filter is comprised of the following sections:

  • Mini Filter: used to narrow the values available for selection inside the Filter List.
  • Select All: used to select / deselect all values shown in the Filter List.
  • Filter List: a list of Set Filter Values which can be selected / deselected to set the filter.
  • Filter Buttons: Action buttons that can be optionally added to the bottom of the Set Filter.

Enabling Set Filters

The Set Filter is the default filter used in AG Grid Enterprise, but it can also be explicitly configured as shown below:

    /* other grid options ... */>

this.columnDefs = [
    // Set Filter is used by default in Enterprise version
    { field: 'athlete', filter: true },
    // explicitly configure column to use the Set Filter
    { field: 'country', filter: 'agSetColumnFilter' },

The following example demonstrates how the Set Filter can be enabled. Note the following:

  • The Athlete column has filter=true which defaults to the Set Filter as this example is using AG Grid Enterprise.
  • The Country column is explicitly configured to use the Set Filter using filter='agSetColumnFilter'.
  • All other columns are configured to use the Number Filter using filter='agNumberColumnFilter'.
  • Filters can be accessed from the Column Menu or by clicking on the filter icon in the Floating Filters.

Set Filter Parameters

Parameters that are common to all Provided Filters:

Parameters that are specific to the Set Filter:

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