Angular Data GridSave / Restore Charts
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This section shows how the Grid API can be used to save and restore charts.

Saving / Restoring Charts

The example below demonstrates how you can save and then later restore a chart. You can make changes to the chart type, theme, data and formatting options and note how the restored chart looks the same as the chart that was saved.

  • Change the chart type, theme, data and/or formatting in order to see the changes restored later.
  • Click "Save chart" to persist a model of the visible chart into a local variable.
  • Click "Clear chart" to destroy the existing chart.
  • Click "Restore chart" to restore the previously saved chart.

API Reference

A chart model that represent all the state information about the rendered charts can be obtained using getChartModels(). These models are returned in a format that can be easily used with the other API methods to later restore the chart.

Properties available on the ChartModel interface.

These models can then be supplied to the following grid api method to restore the charts:

Note that an optional chartContainer can be specified when restoring a chart.

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