Angular Data GridUndo / Redo Edits

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This section covers how to allow users to undo / redo their cell edits.

When Cell Editing is enabled in the grid, it is usually desirable to allow users to undo / redo any edits.

Users can change the contents of cells through the following grid features:

This Undo / Redo feature is designed to be a recovery mechanism for user editing mistakes. Performing data updates (except for cell edits), or grid operations that change the row / column order, e.g. sorting, filtering and grouping, will clear the undo / redo stacks.

Enabling Undo / Redo

The following undo / redo properties are provided in the grid options interface:

    /* other grid options ... */>

this.undoRedoCellEditing = true;
this.undoRedoCellEditingLimit = 20;

As shown in the snippet above, undo / redo is enabled through the undoRedoCellEditing property.

The default number of undo / redo steps is 10. To change this default the undoRedoCellEditingLimit property can be used.

Undo / Redo Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available when undo / redo is enabled:

  • ^ Ctrl+Z / Command+Z: will undo the last cell edit(s).
  • ^ Ctrl+Y / Command+Y: will redo the last undo.

Note that the grid needs focus for these shortcuts to have an effect.

Undo / Redo API

It is also possible to programmatically control undo / redo and check the number of currently available undo / redo actions. These API methods are listed below: