Angular Data GridCustomising the Header

Style grid header cells and column groups.

The grid exposes many CSS variables starting --ag-header-* for customising header appearance, and when these are not enough you can use CSS classes, in particular ag-header, ag-header-cell, and ag-header-group-cell:

.ag-theme-quartz {
    --ag-header-height: 30px;
    --ag-header-foreground-color: white;
    --ag-header-background-color: black;
    --ag-header-cell-hover-background-color: rgb(80, 40, 140);
    --ag-header-cell-moving-background-color: rgb(80, 40, 140);
.ag-theme-quartz .ag-header {
    font-family: cursive;
.ag-theme-quartz .ag-header-group-cell {
    font-weight: normal;
    font-size: 22px;
.ag-theme-quartz .ag-header-cell {
    font-size: 18px;

Header Column Separators and Resize Handles

Header Column Separators appear between every column, whereas Resize Handles only appear on resizeable columns (Group 1 in the example below).

.ag-theme-quartz {
    --ag-header-column-separator-display: block;
    --ag-header-column-separator-height: 100%;
    --ag-header-column-separator-width: 2px;
    --ag-header-column-separator-color: purple;

    --ag-header-column-resize-handle-display: block;
    --ag-header-column-resize-handle-height: 25%;
    --ag-header-column-resize-handle-width: 5px;
    --ag-header-column-resize-handle-color: orange;

Style Header on Filter

Each time a Column Filter is applied to a column, the CSS class ag-header-cell-filtered is added to the header. This can be used for adding style to headers that are filtered.

The example below adds some styling to ag-header-cell-filtered, so when you filter a column you will notice the column header change.

Styling the First and Last Columns

It's possible to style the all first and last column header (Grouped, Non-Grouped and Floating Filters) using CSS by targeting the .ag-column-first and .ag-column-last selectors as follows: {
    background-color: #2244CC66;
    color: white;
} {
    background-color: #2244CC44;
    color: white;
} {
    background-color: #2244CC22;
} {
    background-color: #33CC3366;
} {
    background-color: #33CC3344;
} {
    background-color: #33CC3322;

Full List of Header Variables