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This section shows how to add group footers to show group level totals.

Enabling Group Footers

If you want to include a footer with each group, set the property groupIncludeFooter to true. It is also possible to include a 'grand' total footer for all groups using the property groupIncludeTotalFooter.

    /* other grid options ... */>

// adds subtotals
this.groupIncludeFooter = true;
// includes grand total
this.groupIncludeTotalFooter = true;

Note that these properties can be used together to produce totals across all group levels.

The following example demonstrates these properties. Note the following:

  • Expanding groups reveals subtotal footers as groupIncludeFooter = true.
  • A grand total footer is shown as the groupIncludeTotalFooter = true.
  • The medal totals are aggregated via the aggFunc: 'sum' column property.

By default, the footer will display the word 'Total' followed by the group key. However, this can be changed using the footerValueGetter supplied to the Group Cell Renderer params as shown below:

    /* other grid options ... */>

this.autoGroupColumnDef = { 
    cellRendererParams: {
        footerValueGetter: params =>  {
            const isRootLevel = params.node.level === -1;
            if (isRootLevel) {
                return 'Grand Total';
            return `Sub Total (${params.value})`;

Note in the snippet above that the footerValueGetter contains special handling to display Subtotals and Grand Totals differently. This is demonstrated in the example below.

In most cases Customising Footer Values is sufficient, however it is also possible to customise the footer cell using the innerCellRenderer supplied to the Group Cell Renderer params as shown below:

In the example below the innerRenderer contains special handling to display Grand Total, Subtotal and non-footer cells differently.

It is also possible to customise footer cells using: cellRendererParams.innerRendererSelector. For more details see the Group Cell Renderer section.

Group footers are a UI concept only in the grid. It is the grids way of showing aggregated data (which belongs to the group) appearing after the group's children. Because the footer is a UI concept only, the following should be noted:

  • It is not possible to select footer nodes. Footer rows appear selected when the group is selected.
  • When exporting custom footers to Excel/CSV, the processRowGroupCallback function of the export must be used to export the custom values.
  • When copying custom footers to the Clipboard, the processCellForClipboard function of the clipboard must be used to export the custom values.

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