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Epic Key Summary Status
Reactive Grid AG-4251 [React] Memory leak when updating React cell renderers Backlog
Reactive Grid AG-5103 [Framework] In onGridReady the setState() callback hook gets called before the row data is set, preventing the application of an initial filter model Backlog More Info
Use workaround illustrated here:
AG-4892 [API] Add a statically-defined global Grid Options object to set a default configuration for all ag-grid instances Backlog
AG-5761 Chart themes doesn't accept a TimeInterval object for axes-tick-count In Progress
AG-5713 When using integrated charting, setting the axis tick count with an every function throws an exception Backlog
AG-5802 Enum properties cannot be assigned plain string values Done More Info
Replace `RowGroupingDisplayType` enum values with corresponding string value. Replace `TreeDataDisplayType` enum values with corresponding string value. Replace `ServerSideStoreType` enum values with corresponding string value.
AG-1896 [API] Add source to Selection event Backlog
AG-5767 Problems with SelectorFunc Done
AG-5765 [Regression] When cell class rules are used only the last class of the matching condition is applied to the cell Done
AG-5417 When changing chart axis label rotation chartOptionsChanged event not fired Backlog
AG-5764 [Regression] When using groupUseEntireRow=true, ValueFormatter not applied to group row values Done
AG-4571 [Pivoting] Allow saving and restoring ColumnState with Primary/Secondary Columns in pivot mode Backlog
AG-2608 API - Add the api param to NavigateToNextCellParams Done
AG-5676 When using MacOS and only showing the scroll bar when scrolling, cells appearing under the scrollbar are visible but not clickable QA
AG-5759 [API] Export AgGridReactProps interface Done
AG-5758 When using scatter/bubble chart with series labels, zooming in the navigator an exception is thrown and the navigator cannot be zoomed out anymore Done
AG-5740 When adding a new series to the chart, it is added as hidden with JavaScript but visible with Angular/React/Vue Backlog
AG-5757 [Regression] When setting the current column definitions, grid cells flash (by a call to setColumnDefs ) Done
AG-5619 When resizing the chart container down vertically, below a height threshold the Y-axis and series are rendered upside down Backlog
AG-5755 When selecting an item in the agRichSelectCellEditor and pressing TAB key the selected value isn't entered as the new cell value Done
AG-5806 [Regression] When modifying headerClass of a column definition via React state, the new class value doesn't take effect In Progress
AG-5754 When using full-row editing, pressing UP/DOWN ARROW keys in the popup of the agRichSelectCellEditor doesn't change the selected item Rejected More Info
This is not a bug because as the console warning indicates: “AG Grid: popup cellEditor does not work with fullRowEdit - you cannot use them both - either turn off fullRowEdit, or stop using popup editors.”
AG-4751 [Chart] Add chart event for nodeMouseOver to be fired when hovering a node with the mouse pointer Backlog
AG-5748 When using aligned grids, removing a group column from the row group panel doesn't make it visible in aligned grid, only in source grid Done More Info
Row Grouping is not managed by Aligned Grids. The only events managed by Aligned Grids are as follows: 1) Horizontal Scroll 2) Column Hidden / Shown 3) Column Moved 4) Column Group Opened / Closed 5) Column Resized 6) Column Pinned See docs:
AG-3473 [API] Allow introducing column/editor/renderer type information in typescript Backlog
AG-5747 [Accessibility] Allow column tool panel items to be announced with their index in the columns list and provide labels to checkboxes Done
AG-5772 [Regression] When using autoHeight columns and scrolling vertically, cell text flickers when it gets rendered QA
AG-5737 Inaccurate type definition for GetContextMenuItemsParams['node'] Done
AG-5520 [Regression] When changing column visibility, the column menu popup moves and is clipped by the viewport QA
AG-5733 Vue 3: params not available inside setup function Done
AG-2932 [Accessibility] Add ARIA label to filter tool panel - filter columns input Done
AG-5732 When displaying an image inside a grid cell, that image cannot be dragged like an image outside of the grid (dragging the image, not the row) Rejected
AG-5749 When using integrated charting and toggling the pivot switch or the select all columns checkbox in the columns tool panel, the chart isn't displayed anymore Backlog
AG-5731 [Accessibility] Allow announcing number of matching records after column filtering Done More Info
See this implemented using a workaround here: Please follow the steps below: 1. Open 2. Open JAWS/NVDA 3. Open the floating filter for the COUNTRY column 4. Uncheck AUSTRALIA Actual & Expected: NVDA/JAWS announces: Filter 40
AG-5728 When hovering over a line/area segment of a zoomed in chart, the tooltip of the points rendered off-screen are still displayed Backlog
AG-5729 [Row Grouping] Prevent displaying a row drag handle or allowing entire row dragging when rows are grouped Done
AG-5703 [React] When opening grid instance in new window using React portal, grid doesn't respond to column resizing, context menu closing, cell copying Backlog
AG-5727 [Accessibility] Allow column menu to indicate to screen readers it's a dialog (via an aria-role label) Done
AG-5514 When setting set filter values and applying a filter model, column is not filtered Backlog
AG-5726 When using enableCellTextSelection=true, moving a row and then selecting rows including its earlier position, row moved earlier gets selected Rejected More Info
This is expected behavior which can be fixed by setting ensureDomOrder: true as recommended in the documentation here:
AG-5320 When using histogram and setting the bin count, fewer or more bins are actually shown Backlog
AG-5717 When number axis.min/max config is used to limit the auto-detected data domain, series markers cluster at the edges of a chart Done
AG-1228 [Column Filtering] Allow filtering based on aggregated column when grouping - ie. filtering on rowNode.aggData based on row node groups Backlog
AG-5714 When using integrated charting, the series formatter doesn't get called Done
AG-4842 [API] Standardize the use of colKey parameter across all methods in ColumnAPI Backlog
AG-5712 [React] When updating columns via useState hook, the refresh method on Custom Header Component doesn't fire Rejected More Info
Workaround - implement forwardRefs and useImperativeHandle to allow the react functional component to have access to the refresh method. Then use frameworkComponents on gridOptions instead of headerComponentFramework on the column definitions:
AG-4543 Memory leak when using animateRows and custom cellRenderers Backlog
AG-5708 [Regression] When pivoting, changing the visibility of a column resets the aggFunc to 'sum' Done
AG-3569 DevTools - IPad Emulator + Changing bound property on template: Does not cause Angular to refresh the template with the new value bound (this also happens in MS Surface devices) Backlog
AG-5702 [Angular] When using a function to provide gridOptions instead of a property, there's an increase in CPU usage Rejected More Info
This is a common issue when you call a function from a template in Angular. The solution to this lies in the application, not the grid.

We'd suggest the following:

  • Store the result of your function in a property and bind `gridOptions` to that
  • Try using a pipe
  • Change the default change detection to onPush
  • Replace your factory with an observable and have whatever updates the factory push a new value into that stream

AG-2013 [Events] Add source to all events in ag-grid Backlog
AG-5699 [Framework] Add support for grid components that use vue-class-component and/or vue-property-decorator Done
AG-1231 [Typing] Add typings for sortModel and filterModel Backlog More Info
== filterModel typing == We do not type gridApi.setFilterModel() as the filter can be a custom filter, for which we don't (can't) have typings for, so the model MUST be any. For specific filters we provide, then the interface needs to be referenced independently (eg use NumberFilterModel for Number Filter). With regards the type (lessThan, greaterThan etc) again the application can provide custom types, which blocks us for making this an enum.
AG-5697 When exporting to Excel and the export file name contains a dot character, it prevents the addition of the correct Excel file extension Won't Do More Info
This is expected behavior because you need to provide the entire file name including the file extension inside the fileName property value as shown here: gridOptions.api.exportDataAsExcel({fileName: 'Trade.Details.14072021.23451.xlsx'}); Please see this illustrated below:
AG-5745 When using the infinite row model and reordering the selected row above the rest of the rows with refreshInfiniteCache, the selected row cannot be de-selected anymore QA
AG-5689 loadingCellRendererSelector not used when set on the Angular/React/Vue grid wrapper Done
AG-5636 Row drag not updated after a call to api.setColumnDefs QA
AG-5688 [Docs] loadingCellRenderer, loadingCellRendererParams, loadingCellRendererSelector grid properties missing in API documentation Done
AG-5809 Chart axis title should disappear along with the ticks (if the axis has no associated data) Needs Review
AG-5687 When using loadingCellRendererSelector a console error message is printed out saying it's an invalid property Done
AG-824 [Regression] Editor popups don't keep relative positioning to grid when viewport scrolled Done
AG-5683 [Regression] When using SSRM - calling refreshServerSideStore() closes the context menu Done More Info
The grid is treating the newly loaded data as new data, and thus hides the context menu. This is because if the data was in fact different, then the context menu would be out of sync with the data and may not make sense. To keep the context menu, we need to tell the grid the data is in fact the same data, and it's OK to continue showing the context menu. This is done by implementing the callback getRowNodeId().
AG-2863 Allow colDef.template to take a callback with params specifying the column and other useful information Rejected
AG-5679 [Regression] When using declarative columns and an inline cell renderer, updating data closes all expanded filters tool panels Rejected More Info
Did not fix. This is because of: AG-5144 [React] Add support for Reactive callbacks. Each time the grid renders, a new instance of colDef.cellRenderer callback is created. This results in the Grid thinking its' a new function (which it is) which means the grid thinks the Column list has changed. Because the Column list has changed, the Filter’s toolpanel refreshes which closes all Filters. To get around this put the Cell Renderer into a useCallback(). That way it is not a new instance each time the component is re-rendered. Show in this example:
AG-2050 When updating a cell with agRichSelectCellEditor, pressing TAB key moves focus to next cell but exits edit mode Rejected More Info
This is expected behavior. When not using full-row edit mode, pressing ENTER exits edit mode and pressing TAB will focus the next cell without putting it in edit mode. Please use full-row edit mode to keep editing other cells in the row after making a change to any one cell.
AG-5673 When using stacked 100% chart type (normalized column, normalized bar, normalized area), the Y-axis labels should end with '%' Done
AG-5744 When clearing the filter without applying it, the next time the column filter opens, its state is not consistent with the filter applied to the grid Backlog
AG-5661 When using reactUI and the getRowStyle callback, an exception is thrown Done
AG-5738 When showing a single line series in the chart and using item highlighting, the marker nearest to the pointer (in x,y space) gets highlighted, causing some markers to not be highlighted even though the pointer is at the same x-value Backlog
AG-5635 When using the grid with pinned columns on any browser on OSX there's incorrect border between the main viewport and that of the pinned column Done
AG-5724 [Row Grouping] Allow creating a (blanks) row group for rows with null and empty values for the group key (and still support the current unbalanced groups for null group keys as an optional behavior) Backlog
AG-5633 [Typing] Update typing for return value of CellRendererSelectorFunc to include undefined Done
AG-5710 When calling setColumnDefs with a different group column order, the grouping is not updated Backlog
AG-5632 When using frameworks like Next.js, a race condition causes an error - ReferenceError: document is not defined Done
AG-5674 When using stacked 100% chart type, having negative values in a stack causes its height to exceed 100% Backlog
AG-5631 [Regression] When enableCellTextSelection=true, dragging a row highlights text across cells Done
AG-5522 When using Windows Excel-style filtering with multiple columns, updating a cell value reduces the column filter conditions Backlog
AG-5622 When many extra DOM elements are rendered on a page, focusing a grid cell happens after a delay Done
AG-5485 When opening a chart element full-screen, tooltips aren't displayed anymore Backlog
AG-5616 When setting domLayout="print" grid fits within the current page instead of increasing its width, causing columns to get clipped Done
AG-5370 [Loading Cell Renderer] Allow loading cell renderer to get its height from getRowHeight Backlog
AG-5268 [Column Filter] Set Filter - make newRowsAction 'keep' by default Backlog B More Info
'newRowsAction' has now been removed where newRowsAction is 'keep' by default.
AG-5310 When the column menu is opened via the column header cell, return focus to column header cell after the column menu is closed Backlog
AG-5000 Memory leak when using custom cell renderer component built on CellRendererFramework, pinnedRowCellRendererFramework Backlog
AG-5160 [Chart] Allow setting max width of legend panel and wrapping long legend items on multiple lines or using '...' (ellipsis) to indicate they exceed the max width Backlog
AG-5615 [Typing] Add Cell Renderer function params Done
AG-5612 When a column header cell is focused and then refreshed via refreshHeader(), focus is lost Done
AG-5026 [Chart] Allow removing chart type items from the settings tab of the chart toolbar Backlog
AG-5604 When the grid has a cell range selected, clicking the drag handle element focuses the cell and clears the selected cell range Rejected More Info
This is expected behavior, so rejecting this as not a bug. The task to changing this default behavior is tracked by AG-4489 - please use this reference.
AG-4953 Memory leak when using custom header component built on HeaderComponentFramework Backlog
AG-5600 When using full-width group rows, cellClass doesn't get called Rejected More Info
This is expected behavior. Full-width rows (groupUseEntireRow=true), don't use autoGroupColumnDef or cellClass. In order to style a full-width row, you should use getRowClass instead:
AG-4875 [Chart] Allow displaying chart toolbar by default (currently only displayed when hovered) Backlog
AG-5543 [React] Typings for React tooltips are missing Done More Info
An example of a typed tooltip in the Grid is as follows:
import React, {forwardRef, ForwardRefRenderFunction, useImperativeHandle} from 'react';
import {ITooltipParams} from "@ag-grid-community/core";
import {ITooltipReactComp} from "@ag-grid-community/react";

interface MyTooltipParams extends ITooltipParams {
    color?: string

const CustomTooltip: ForwardRefRenderFunction = (props, ref) => {
    const data = props.api!.getDisplayedRowAtIndex(props.rowIndex!)!.data;

    useImperativeHandle((ref), () => ({
        getReactContainerClasses() {
            return ['custom-tooltip'];

    return (


Country: {}

Total: {}

); }; export default forwardRef(CustomTooltip);

AG-4807 [Typings] Allow generics around type Backlog
AG-5305 [Accessibility][Keyboard Navigation] Allow focus to move from the sidebar button into the active tool panel controls Done
AG-4689 [Chart] Allow chart legend items and field list in Data tab to update to the headerValueGetter value Backlog
AG-5299 [Accessibility] Allow correct announcements for the column menu tabs (via the use of role=tablist) Done More Info
Implemented as standard in v26.1. For earlier versions, see workaround producing the correct column menu tab announcements here:
AG-4456 When deserializing chart state, X-axis label rotation value isn't applied Backlog
AG-5246 [Accessibility] Resolve broken ARIA label reference error for column header cell select-all checkbox Done
AG-3699 [Charts] Allow customizing chart UX (order of tabs, which element/submenu is open by default) Backlog
AG-5120 [Pivoting] Improve pivoting calculation performance on large datasets ( > 50K rows) Done
AG-3479 [Charts] Allow zooming in and out of charts Backlog
AG-5082 [Accessibility] Allow filter tool panel items to be expanded using the SPACE key and announce their current expanded/collapsed state Done
AG-3353 [API] Standardize all callbacks so that they all receive a params object with gridApi / columnApi / context etc.. Backlog
AG-4705 [Accessibility] Allow JAWS screen reader to announce visible records when using pagination after previous/next button clicked (using aria-live regions with paging) Done More Info
In older versions of AG Grid which don't offer this out of the box, you can address this by setting the ARIA properties on the pagination panel controls manually, as shown below:
AG-2001 [API] Add source property to the IServerSideGetRowsParams Backlog
AG-4661 [Accessibility] Add ARIA form label to checkboxes in column tool panel Done
AG-1555 [Column Headers] Allow column headers to support word wrapping for multi-line text and auto-height Backlog More Info
Please implement this functionality in user code following the approach illustrated here:
AG-4395 [Accessibility] Allow displaying the clicked column header cell as focused Won't Do More Info
This focused column header appearance can be implemented with CSS as shown in the sample below:
AG-5794 [Scrolling] Add option to block scrolling when grid popups are open (editor popups, Context Menu) QA
AG-4139 [Column Tool Panel] Allow drag&drop to reorder columns inside Columns tool panel Done
AG-5753 [Regression] When using master-detail and expanding a master row, its detail grid cannot be immediately accessed QA More Info
This is an intended change in behaviour. The method rowNode.setExpanded() is now asynchronous. Before this change, each call to rowNode.setExpanded() resulted in the grid re-rendering. Now the grid will wait for setExpanded() to be called multiple times and batch them in the next animation frame and re-render once. This gives significant performance boost when expanding 10's or 100+ rows. To work around this, get the grid to flush it's animation frames using api.flushAnimationFrames(). Plunker provided here:
AG-4059 [API] Add column API to IToolPanelParams Done
AG-5680 When calling setColumnDefs, group row selection is broken QA
AG-3986 [Drag & Drop] Allow dragging rows from anywhere in the row and not only from the dragging icon (handle) Done D More Info
`enableMultiRowDragging` has been deprecated, use `rowDragMultiRow` instead.
AG-5653 [Docs] Correct incorrect references to stylesheets in documentation segments QA
AG-3761 When you paste a new value in a cell, rowClassRules do not get refreshed Done
AG-5614 [Charts] Formatting axis labels using a format string does not work for SI units QA
AG-3723 When dragging a column header from the grid into the columns tool panel aggregation panel, the aggregated column is hidden Rejected More Info
This is expected behavior. You can keep the dragged columns visible by setting suppressDragLeaveHidesColumns: true as shown in sample:
AG-5498 [Regression] When entering a value which produces no matches in the filter value input, the filter popup is moved and clipped on the right QA
AG-3680 [Fill Handle] Allowing to disable/configure on a per-column basis if the fill handle should be available Done
AG-4680 Opening a dialog and changing grid cell values produces a memory leak QA
AG-3085 [API] Add "column" and "node" as additional params in keyCreator callback Done
Key Summary Release ETA
AG-2321 Colspan is not recalculated when using delta row data Backlog
AG-5752 When clicking the input in the floating filter row, the set filter popup opens in Chrome but remains closed in Firefox Backlog
AG-5629 When using deltaSort=true and doing a transaction update, an error is thrown Backlog
AG-5587 When adding styles to a custom React grid component, the style is unnecessarily added to the outer div container created by the grid Backlog
Keeping this on hold until we have React UI working for tooltips, by which point it won’t be an issue.
AG-5052 Memory leak when using cellRenderer function Backlog
AG-2853 When using row-spanning cells aren't selected correctly as part of the selected cell range (like in Excel) Backlog
AG-2416 SASS Material: ag-row-odd class is applied to even rows, not odd ones Backlog
AG Grid assigns rowIndex=0 to the first data row in the grid, rowIndex=1 to the second row, etc. This is why the first data row gets styled with ag-row-even styling and the second data row with ag-row-odd styling. Please switch the ag-row-even and ag-row-odd styles accordingly to achieve the styling you need.
AG-2323 Rowspan is lost when the span exceeds the height of the viewport Backlog
You can workaround this issue by setting the gridOptions rowBuffer property to a larger value to pre-render more rows to allow the row span to render correctly. By default rowBuffer is 20, so if you have row spans with more than 20 rows, that will cause the issue. You can fix this by setting the rowBuffer property to a value equal or bigger than the number of rows in the largest row span you have. For example, so if your biggest row span is 100 rows, set rowBuffer to 100 to resolve this as shown here: Note that in this example the row span is correctly shown as you scroll down. The rowBuffer property is documented here: Please keep in mind that using a larger value for rowBuffer will increase the memory footprint, as it pre-renders a larger number of rows before they're scrolled into view.
Key Summary Release ETA
AG-1792 [Range Selection] Allow selecting entire columns (just like Excel) +2
AG-1884 [Row Sorting] Allow restricting to a specific number of columns for sorting Backlog
AG-1606 [Column Menu] Allow providing a renderer for menu items (for both context menu and column menu) Backlog
AG-936 [Column Headers] Allow sticky (frozen) column headers when using domLayout: autoHeight and scrolling with browser vertical scroll bar Backlog
You can implement this using a CSS workaround as shown here:
AG-797 [clipboard/export] Allow to specify as source not only selected rows or range, but any rows/range Backlog
AG-684 [Events] Add a gridDestroyed event for the grid instance Backlog
AG-682 [debug] Log the version of the grid in the console when debug mode is enabled Backlog
AG-627 [header style] Add support for column styling for headers (inline, not class) Backlog
AG-283 [Clipboard] Allow pasting rows into the grid when the grid has no rows Backlog
AG-228 Allow column selection Backlog
AG-227 [Column Headers] Add a column showing row numbers/indexes (just like in Excel) Backlog
AG-188 [editing] Add isEditing method to check if the grid is currently in edit mode Backlog
AG-101 [Component] Allow plugging in custom checkbox component Backlog
AG-45 [events] Allow overriding of keyboard events Backlog
AG-5799 [Filters Tool Panel] Allow suppressing tooltips for column headers in the columns and filters tool panel Backlog
AG-5797 [Accessibility] Allow not counting hidden columns when announcing column index Backlog
AG-5796 [Column Menu] Allow focus to move back to the column header when the column menu closes due to it being scrolled away or refreshed Backlog
AG-5795 [Column Menu] Allow first visual element to get focus when opening a floating window (filter popup or column menu) Backlog
AG-5792 [Localization] Allow configuring columns tool panel search box text string separately from the filter tool panel search box text string Backlog
AG-5789 [Column Menu] Allow resizing the column menu popup to prevent long values clipped in the filter and column tabs Backlog
AG-5784 [Aligned Grids] Allow support for row grouping in aligned grids Backlog
AG-5777 [Column Pinning] Allow accessing the unpinned columns area when pinning a wide column covering the entire width of the grid Backlog
You can resolve this by adding user logic to resize columns when pinned to ensure the pinned column area doesn't cover the entire grid width. This way you can always see the unpinned column area. See this sample:
AG-5776 [Column Filter] Allow focusing the drop down item matching the key pressed in the filter popup operation dropdown Backlog
AG-5775 [Accessibility] Improve accessibility support in the filter tool panel Backlog
AG-5773 [Drag & Drop][Usability] Display ghost popup when dragged further to the right from the mouse cursor to allow it to be fully visible Backlog
AG-5771 [Row Dragging] Allow ending any ongoing row dragging operations when api.setSuppressRowDrag is called Backlog
AG-5769 [Chart] Allow axis label rotation to apply to the group category axis labels Backlog
AG-5768 [Chart] Allow the chart to render axis labels to support tree data Backlog
AG-5760 [Accessibility] Investigate accessibility failures reported by static DOM structure audit tool Backlog
AG-5750 [Chart] Allow displaying an overlay with a custom message over the chart area when all chart series are set to visible=false or there's series but no data, and only the legend is shown Backlog
AG-5746 [Pivoting] Allow using different aggregation functions for different levels of the column group hierarchy when pivoting (for example use SUM at leaf-level, and AVG on all parent levels) Backlog
AG-5734 [Row Grouping] Allow keeping the type of the grouped column value instead of converting it to string Backlog
AG-5730 [Chart] Allow using expressions as chart series and axis label formatters Backlog
AG-5725 [Integrated] Allow using the grid column definition valueFormatters in the chart when formatting the x,y-axis values Backlog
AG-5721 [Row Grouping] Allow groupRemoveLowestSingleChildren , groupRemoveSingleChildren to be configured on a per-column level (not at the grid level globally as now) Backlog
Here's a workaround to set the groupRemoveSingleChildren property only if the only or the last column you're grouping by is COUNTRY. Note when grouping by any other column, single group children are not removed:
AG-5720 [Filter Tool Panel] Allow displaying only the filtered columns, clearing the filter using a button inside the filter tool item, and indicating in the sidebar button there are active filters Backlog
AG-5719 [Excel Export] Allow exporting AG Grid cells to Excel with the current row group collapsed/expanded state in AG Grid (data is exported as seen in AG Grid) Backlog
AG-5716 [Chart] Allow displaying series columns/bars with rounded corners Backlog
AG-5711 [Chart] Allow displaying callouts in the chart to a renderer showing user content Backlog
AG-5701 [Events] Add support for immutable data stores for data orchestration by firing events for sorting/filtering upon user actions without actually sorting/filtering the data Backlog
AG-5696 [Integrated] Allow customizing the list of available series types in the chart toolbar Backlog
AG-5695 [Chart] Allow auto-sizing and wrapping treemap label values so they fit inside treemap tiles Backlog
AG-5691 [Layout & Styles] Allow styling the context menu separately from the column menu Backlog
AG-5690 [Column Sizing] Allow column group header values to be considered when performing column auto-sizing Backlog
AG-5685 [Column Filters] Allow maxValidYear to be set when using a date filter Backlog
AG-5681 [Layout & Styles] Allow reevaluating the rowClassRules without redrawing the entire row and recreating cellRenderers Backlog
AG-5675 [Fill Handle] Allow running custom logic to determine whether fill handle is available each time the selected cell range changes Backlog
AG-5672 [Layout & Styles] Allow providing different icons for row drag handle and drag and drop handle (currently it's the same icon) Backlog
AG-5671 [SSRM] Allow client-side filtering without reloading the data when using tree data with SSRM - full store Backlog
AG-5670 [Chart] Add a Bullet Graph chart Backlog
AG-5667 [Filters Tool Panel] Allow the user to configure multiple filters in the filter tool panel without triggering a data request, which only gets made when the user clicks an APPLY button Backlog
AG-5666 [Modules] Add documentation and display an error message when mixing modules from different AG Grid versions Backlog
AG-5662 [Excel Export] Allow content in appendContent and prependContent to be wrapped on multiple lines (wrapText property should apply to appendContent and prependContent) Backlog
AG-5655 [Pivoting] Allow displaying all secondary columns inline on a single row Backlog
AG-5654 [SSRM] Allow hiding the loading row when loading data Backlog
AG-5652 [Testing] Allow providing ids to selection checkboxes in grid cells and the header (select all) checkbox Backlog
AG-5630 [Aggregation] Order the aggregated columns in the grid following the value columns order in the columns tool panel Backlog
AG-5613 [Chart] Add 8 more colors to the default theme palette to enable displaying 16 series using unique colors Backlog
AG-5611 [Chart] Provide more convenient way to control axis ticks Backlog
AG-5603 [Excel Export] Allow applying Excel export styles to full-width group rows Backlog
AG-5601 [Column State] Add to column state the order of value columns Backlog
AG-5589 [Context Menu] Allow context menu to remain open after a context menu item is clicked Backlog
AG-5576 [Column Filter] Allow disabling filter inputs so users can see the filter conditions/selection but not modify it Backlog
AG-5568 [Charts] Allow to toggle axis labels on and off (instead of label formatters) Backlog
AG-5566 [Row Selection] Allow setting which columns select the row when clicked Backlog
AG-5565 [Quick Filter] Allow quick filter to match exact phrase using quotes around the exact phrase Backlog
AG-5564 [Clipboard] Allow rich(formatted) text to be read from the clipboard (currently only pure text data is read from clipboard) Backlog
AG-5555 Move `prop-types` out from dependencies to peerDependencies Backlog
AG-5550 [Column Filters] Provide option to close floating filter when ENTER is pressed in a filter dialog Backlog
AG-5537 [Pivoting] Allow displaying the measures header row above the column group row or hiding it Backlog
AG-5532 [Clipboard] Allow reading clipboard data via API Backlog
AG-5526 [Range Selection] Allow selected cell range to move after column filtering and sorting so it contains the same cell values as before Backlog
AG-5525 [Modularization] Allow using ag-grid-community alongside ag-grid-enterprise (currently both versions behave as ag-grid-enterprise) Backlog
AG-5503 [Scrolling] Add a new property suppressHeaderColumnVirtualisation to only apply to header row, not the data rows Backlog
AG-5501 [Clipboard] Allow copySelectedRowsToClipboard and copySelectedRangeToClipboard to allow/suppress the copying of column group header values Backlog
AG-5497 [Overlay] Allow suppressing automatic opening of overlays depending on the rowData value Backlog
AG-5495 [Updating Data] Allow a new mode like suppressModelUpdateAfterUpdateTransaction following a data update to place an updated record in the correct group, but not sort the new item inside the correct group Backlog
AG-5491 [Aggregation] Investigate ways to standardize the returned value format for different aggregation functions (currently avg and count return objects, the rest return numbers) Backlog
AG-5482 [Chart] Allow sorting the pie segments in the chart Backlog
AG-5481 [Chart] Allow controlling which legend items are displayed Backlog
AG-5472 [Column Header] Display the column menu icon over the header text, instead of next to it to save screen space for narrow columns Backlog
AG-5471 [Row Grouping] Add innerRendererParams to be used in the innerRenderer of the agGroupCellRenderer Backlog
AG-5464 [Column Sizing] Allow setting column minWidth to be used only when calling sizeColumnsToFit API (this minWidth will not apply when resizing manually) Backlog
AG-5461 [SSRM] Allow SSRM to support the cache pattern in GraphQL Backlog
AG-5459 [Excel Export] Allow exporting a password-protected Excel worksheet Backlog
AG-5456 [Charts] Allow mapping the group column data path in the tree data to levels in the chart category axis label (when using tree data with integrated chart) just like this is done when using row grouping Backlog
AG-5454 [Column Filter] Allow floating filter input to only accept values of the same data type as the column filter input (when using number filter)) Backlog
AG-5450 [Excel Export] Allow adding appendContent and prependContent when exporting to Excel with multiple sheets Backlog
AG-5444 [Cell Editor] Allow focusing the drop down item matching the key pressed in agSelectCellEditor Backlog
agRichSelectEditor offers this as standard functionality, as shown here: Open any of the COUNTRY cells to edit and start typing to focus the item starting with the same letters.
AG-5434 [Chart] Add API to call the functions of the chart toolbar buttons (open menu/download/unlink chart) Backlog
AG-5430 [Column Sizing] Allow displaying a vertical line indicating the new column width while resizing column Backlog
AG-5429 [Cell Editing] Allow correctly parsing a numeric value following a cell edit Backlog
AG-5426 [Row Height] Allow maximum row height to be set when using autoHeight=true Backlog
AG-5421 [Row Sorting] Allow enabling multi-sort by default so the user doesn't have to hold a key pressed to multi-sort Backlog
AG-5420 [Context Menu] Allow GetContextMenuItemsParams to be nullable to support opening the context menu on an empty area of the grid Backlog
AG-5406 [Excel Export] Allow styling parts of the exported Excel cell value differently (for example in a cell value of two words, one word is red while the second one is blue) Backlog
AG-5403 [React] Allow wrapping AgGridColumns with a React higher-order component Backlog
AG-5402 [Chart] Allow integrated chart to use data from hidden columns in the grid Backlog
AG-5395 [Updating Data] Allow suppressing sort and/or grouping after updating data unless the user requests another sort/group for immutable data Backlog
AG-5384 [Column Filter] Allow keeping the second filtering condition in the simple filter popup when the first one is removed (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-5383 [Columns Tool Panel] Allow displaying tooltips for aggregated columns in the columns tool panel Backlog
AG-5382 [Row Dragging] Add support for managed row dragging when grouping (for group and child rows) Backlog
AG-5379 [Column Sizing] Allow resizing the selected columns at the same time (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-5377 [Excel Export] Allow adding comments into the exported cells in Excel Backlog
AG-5356 [Charts] Allow pivot charts to include pinned rows Backlog
AG-5343 [Row Selection] Allow de-selecting row range from the selected rows range when using SHIFT+click Backlog
AG-5334 [Accessibility] Allow screen reader to announce the focused row is selectable by pressing the SPACE key and to announce as selected (via aria-selected attribute) Backlog
AG-5333 [Chart] Allow indicating from within the nodeClick event that a series should update Backlog
AG-5331 [Tooltip] Remove the need to include the ag-tooltip-hiding selector in the custom tooltip component with an opacity of 0 Backlog
AG-5324 [Cell Rendering] Replace checkbox with a span placeholder when selection not allowed to reduce DOM element count Backlog
AG-5316 [Column Filter] Allow using a custom comparator to match the text in the mini-filter to the set filter items (currently it's using a contains condition which cannot be modified) Backlog
AG-5314 [Master/detail] Allow synchronizing the horizontal scrollbars for master and detail grids Backlog
AG-5312 [Accessibility] Update the column visibility panel in column menu, columns tool panel and filter tool panel to look like the set filter Backlog
AG-5303 [Cell Rendering] Add cellRendererFrameworkSelector Backlog
AG-5300 [Excel Export] Allow using non-latin characters for sheet name when exporting to XML Backlog
AG-5297 [Excel Export] Allow displaying a watermark image in the exported Excel file Backlog
AG-5286 [Undo/Redo] Allow undo/redo to work after changing the row/column order via sorting/filtering/grouping/expand/collapse of groups Backlog
AG-5285 [Columns Tool Panel] Allow configuring the columnGroupShow setting for columns in the columns tool panel Backlog
AG-5280 [Range Selection] Allow preventing range selection from selecting cells from specific rows/columns Backlog
AG-5279 [Charts] Add support for right to left rendering (RTL) in charts Backlog
AG-5278 [Overlay] Add API to indicate whether the no-rows, loading overlay is shown, and methods to hide these two overlays separately Backlog
AG-5277 [Cell Editing] Allow setting a custom datepicker on a per column basis, currently a single datepicker control is used for all date columns Backlog
AG-5271 [Cell Rendering] Allow users to reconfigure column layout by dragging column headers on top of each other to display multiple column values in the same column Backlog
AG-5263 [Aggregation] Allow defining a defaultAggFunc for a column to be used when the column is used as a value column Backlog
AG-5256 [Layout & Styling] Make expand/collapse chevron button hit area bigger Backlog
AG-5254 [SSRM] Add support for expandable pivot column groups when using SSRM Backlog
AG-5252 [Master/Detail] Allow displaying the detail records inline under each master row inside the same grid instead of using a separate detail grid for each master row Backlog
AG-5248 [Column Filter] Add named ranges for date filtering - Last Week, Last Month, YTD, etc (just like in Excel) Backlog
You can implement named ranges for filtering "Last week", "This Week", etc. using custom filter operators as shown here:
AG-5243 [Charts] Allow setting axis label auto rotate to avoid axis label collisions automatically Backlog
AG-5240 [Clipboard] Allow defining on a column-level the logic to process data from clipboard for that column Backlog
AG-5238 [Column Moving] Add an event to fire when a column is dropped in a new location Backlog
AG-5221 [Chart] Allow using color values directly from the data for the treemap series Backlog
AG-5220 [Chart] Add a tile formatter to treemap series Backlog
AG-5211 [Master/Detail] Allow support for group checkbox selection for master/detail grid (tri-state checkbox selection) Backlog
AG-5204 [Context Menu] Allow context menu to open when using secondary methods (such as CTRL+Left click on MacOS) Backlog
AG-5203 [Aggregation] Investigate ways to improve performance of column aggregation calculation Backlog
AG-5201 [Accessibility] Allow specifying a column so its cell values are announced before announcing the cell value of any other column in this row (setting role="rowheader" for the cells in the specific column) Backlog
This is implemented in the sample below. The ATHLETE column is marked as "rowheader" column. Note the screen reader announcement for the cells in the AGE column start with announcing the value of the ATHLETE column in that same row. Steps to follow: 1. Open JAWS 2. Open 3. Focus the top cell in the AGE column *Actual & Expected*: Announcement is "Michael Phelps 23"
AG-5198 [Chart] Allow coloring the middle of the doughnut chart and placing text inside Backlog
AG-5197 [Framework] Add support for bootstrapping between community/enterprise versions Backlog
AG-5196 [SSRM] Allow setting the initial number of records to load in SSRM Backlog
AG-5190 [Sidebar] Allow displaying different content in sidebar button depending on whether the tool panel is open or closed Backlog
AG-5187 [Chart] Allow displaying custom buttons in the chart toolbar Backlog
AG-5175 [Chart] Add a sunburst series type Backlog
AG-5174 [Chart] Add support for multiple series in cross-filtering chart Backlog
AG-5173 [Layout & Styling] Add support in Material theme for outlined and filled input styling Backlog
AG-5170 [Layout & Styling] Allow setting density using the density option in the Material spec Backlog
AG-5169 [Column Filter] Use valueGetterParams in the filterParams valueGetter instead of just the node as param Backlog
AG-5165 [Chart] Allow looking up chartRef using chartId Backlog
AG-5163 [Column State] Add source to the params of applyColumnState Backlog
Workaround - provide event source via the grid context. In sample below, note the setting of the grid context and reading this context in the onColumnVisible event to determine the source of the event (whether it's manual or in response to a call to applyColumnState). Please follow the steps below for an illustration: 1. Open 2. Open dev console 3. Click Toggle Price column button (edited) Actual & Expected; Message in dev console indicating that column visible was called in response to restoring state = false 4. Click Reset columns button Actual & Expected; Message in dev console indicating that column visible was called in response to restoring state = true
AG-5158 [Chart] Allow pie segments to be selected and appear away from chart Backlog
AG-5147 [Columns Tool Panel] Allow displaying a custom name for a column in the columns tool panel columns list Backlog
AG-5145 [Frameworks] Allow support for strictNullChecks for newer versions of TypeScript Backlog
AG-5143 [Column Filter] Allow entering regular expressions in the filter inputs of provided and set filter Backlog
AG-5134 [Row Grouping] Allow displaying a group row even if it has no children (for example its children are all filtered out) Backlog
AG-5124 [React] Make gridOptions property suppressModelUpdateAfterUpdateTransaction reactive Backlog
AG-5119 [Layout & Styling] Allow applying cellClassRules and rowClassRules to cell editors Backlog
AG-5117 [Chart] Allow displaying pie labels inside pie segments Backlog
AG-5108 [Integrated] Allow displaying the toolbar icon in the cross-filtering chart Backlog
AG-5106 [Overlay] Allow automatically displaying and hiding an overlay for long-running operations (data loading, pivoting) Backlog
AG-5105 [Chart] Allow adding crossing lines - vertical lines at specific X-axis values or horizontal lines at specific Y-axis values Backlog
AG-5104 [Row Grouping] Allow modifying the formatting of the aggregated values based on user input just like in Excel (Value Field Settings dialog) Backlog
AG-5094 [Charts] Allow axis labels text to wrap on multiple lines Backlog
AG-5093 [Scrolling] Allow getting/setting horizontal and vertical scroll position Backlog
AG-5088 [Tooltip] Allow specifying Tooltip Component for column header independently to the column cells (currently same tooltip component is used in both cases) Backlog
AG-5083 [Drag & Drop] Allow cancelling a drag from inside onDragStop when using managed row dragging Backlog
AG-5071 [Columns Tool Panel] Allow a new mode where pressing ENTER key in columns tool panel search box does not toggle the "select all" checkbox Backlog
AG-5069 [SSRM][Transactions][Tree Data] Allow adding a child row under a leaf row, turning the leaf row into a group row Backlog
AG-5068 [Chart] Allow rendering legend items vertically even when legend is displayed along top or bottom Backlog
AG-5065 [Cell Editing] Allow keeping the cell editor open when a new row is added Backlog
AG-5063 [Cell Editing] Allow agSelectCellEditor to be sized using a fixed width value exceeding the column width Backlog
AG-5062 [Column Filter] Allow customizing the filter model in the Custom Date Filter Backlog
AG-5061 [Tool Panel] Allow setting height for list items in the tool panels (column tool panel, filter tool panel) Backlog
AG-5060 [Master-Detail] Allow displaying the master row expansion button (chevron) inside any column and setting separate detail-grids for different columns of the master row Backlog
AG-5059 [Column Filter] Add a caseSensitive property to set filter just like in text filter Backlog
AG-5057 [Column menu] Add events to be fired when column menu is opened/closed and column menu tabs switched Backlog
AG-5046 [Cell Editing] Allow rendering custom editor popups just like built-in editor popups to prevent them from being rendered outside of the viewport bounds (either clipped or requiring additional vertical scrolling of the page) Backlog
AG-5045 [API] Allow to calculate the actual width of the grid Backlog
AG-5044 [Column Filters] Provide more params to the textCustomComparator including underlying raw data, formatter and actual value Backlog
AG-5039 [Pivoting] Allow merging the group column header cells of pivot row total columns Backlog
AG-5038 [Pivoting] Allow to style secondary column headers based on their displayed index Backlog
AG-5034 [Chart] Allow users to add annotations to chart area Backlog
AG-5030 [Chart] Allow setting text alignment for the title and subtitle of the chart Backlog
AG-5024 [Accessibility] Resolve ARIA failures aria-required-children, and scrollable-region-focusable reported by Accessibility Insights plugin Backlog
AG-5023 [Column Filter] Add a "Clear filter from column" button to clear any filters applied to column just like Excel Backlog
AG-5014 [Context Menu] Allow context menu to render above the mouse pointer to prevent it from being clipped Backlog
AG-5012 Feedback from Github (multiple items relating to product and docs) Backlog
AG-5009 [Selection] Allow a new mode to remove focused styling from last focused/selected cell range when grid loses focus Backlog
AG-5008 [SSRM] Allow adding/removing new rows when using rowStoreType=Partial without purging the entire cache Backlog
AG-5004 [Tooltip] Allow showing a tooltip for cells containing aggregated values Backlog
AG-5003 [Column Filtering] Reset row selection after column filtering (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-4989 Allow ag-Grid to work from inside a Shadow DOM Backlog
AG-4983 [Themes] Add a new theme following the Microsoft FluentUI design guidelines Backlog
AG-4981 [Column Filter] Allow creating a floating filter with two inputs to set top/bottom range filter values Backlog
AG-4977 [Chart] Add support for Range series types (range column, range bar, range area, etc) Backlog
AG-4974 [Column Pinning] Allow pinning columns only via the column menu and not by dragging Backlog
AG-4958 [Column Filter] Allow filtering in the group column with UI (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-4956 [Chart] Add a Gantt chart to display integrated with the grid Backlog
AG-4951 [Column Filters] Allow to filter tree data applying filter to each row regardless of whether it's a group or leaf row Backlog
AG-4943 [Row Dragging] Allow a single drag handle for both row dragging and drag & drop Backlog
AG-4912 [Row Grouping] Allow consistent column dragging behavior across the grid with the row group panel and columns tool panel (suppressDragLeaveHidesColumns:true to not apply when dragging a column outside the grid instead of the row group panel) Backlog
AG-4911 [Scrolling] Allow horizontal scrolling to snap columns to the grid vertical edges Backlog
AG-4908 [Context Menu] Аllow custom context menu items to prevent grid focus Backlog
AG-4873 [Components] Allow controlling whether custom cell editors are inline editing or not Backlog
AG-4840 [Chart] Allow adding custom tabs in the chart configuration sidebar Backlog
AG-4839 [Column Headers] Allow setting the horizontal position of the column (start,end,middle) when using ensureColumnVisible Backlog
AG-4835 [Chart] Display legend items in a scrollable list Backlog
AG-4833 [Column State] Make column suppressMovable property stateful Backlog
AG-4831 [Row Grouping] Add an event to fire when a field is added to grouping but before grouping actually takes place Backlog
AG-4813 [API] Provide default values for viewportRowModelPageSize and viewportRowModelBufferSize properties Backlog
AG-4809 [API] Add API to provide additional row index information (startRowThisPage, endRowThisPage, totalRowsThisPage) on current page Backlog
AG-4806 [Column Sizing] Allow calculating auto-size width for a column only based on the column header value, without taking into account data cell content Backlog
AG-4802 [Cell Editing] Ensure that undo/redo works when clearing values from a cell range Backlog
AG-4801 [Cell Editing] Allow clearing the values of selected cell ranges when pressing Delete key (just like in Excel) Backlog
You can implement this behavior using the approach and samples here:
AG-4797 [Tooltip] Allow setting a custom hide tooltip timeout value Backlog
AG-4789 [Filters Tool Panel] Allow displaying tooltips for column groups and their child columns in the filters tool panel Backlog
AG-4773 [Chart] Add box and whisker series type Backlog
AG-4771 [Row Dragging] Allow scrolling horizontally automatically when row dragging and reaching the vertical edge of viewport Backlog
AG-4764 [Row Grouping] Allow the group footer for opened group rows to float at the bottom while scrolling through the group's child rows Backlog
AG-4763 [API] Expose GridOptionsWrapper.domDataKey to allow identifying the unique instance of ag-grid/detail-grid event is fired for Backlog
AG-4757 [Column Filter] Allow column filtering to apply a specific style to matching/non-matching rows instead of removing non-matching rows from grid Backlog
AG-4756 [Chart] Add support for pivot charts with groupHideOpenParents and groupMultiAutoColumn set to true Backlog
AG-4745 [Accessibility] Add column name to aria labels in column filtering button, operator and input Backlog
AG-4740 Investigate improving selection performance when using a large number of cells and rangeSelection is enabled Backlog
AG-4737 [Accessibility] Investigate using aria-live to allow row selection changes to be announced by the screen reader Backlog
AG-4734 [Column Filtering] Add a "non-empty" filter operation to all simple filters Backlog
This filter behavior can be added to the default filter with a custom filter option as illustrated here:
AG-4715 Allow updating cellStyle on refresh Backlog
AG-4714 [Column State] Make column attributes stateful (maxWidth, minWidth, columnGroupShow) Backlog
AG-4700 [Accessibility] Add keyboard shortcuts to control pagination Backlog
AG-4698 [Row Selection] When rowSelection=single, render radio buttons instead of checkboxes for selection Backlog
AG-4695 [Sidebar] Allow rendering the sidebar buttons on top (next to column headers) instead of on the side Backlog
AG-4694 [Row Dragging] Allow dragging a row into the pinned area Backlog
AG-4673 [API] Add an API method to expand the entire subtree of a specific row Backlog
AG-4670 Investigate error when using CSS-variables when customizing ag-Grid themes Backlog
AG-4663 [Drag&Drop] Allow changing the ghost icon while dragging on onRowDragEnter, move or leave event of another row Backlog
AG-4651 [Cell Styling] Allow color scales for column cells based on value range and a color range (like in Excel) Backlog
AG-4648 [Row Grouping] Allow user to group by date values at different levels of the date hierarchy (day, week, month, quarter, year) just like in Excel Backlog
AG-4640 [Tool Panel] Allow columns tool panel and filters tool panel to render outside of the grid Backlog
AG-4638 [Row Grouping] Allow setting a different sort order for row groups (setting defaultGroupSortComparator) Backlog
AG-4628 [Selection] Get selected rows in the order they were selected Backlog
AG-4627 [React] Make suppressCellSelection and suppressRowClickSelection properties reactive Backlog
AG-4624 [Deprecation] - KeyboardEvent.which and KeyboardEvent.keyCode should be deprecated Backlog
AG-4615 [Charts] Allow integrated scatter chart to create a separate series for each unique category value Backlog
AG-4608 Add ascii_only flag for terser options to support UTF-8 restrictions Backlog
AG-4599 [LoadingCellRenderer] Place loadingCellRenderer in a cell instead of a full-width row Backlog
AG-4598 [Row Grouping] Allow preventing ungrouping and reordering columns in row group panel on a per-column basis Backlog
AG-4596 [Column State] Make column group expand/collapse stateful Backlog
AG-4584 [Column Filters] Allow sending the entire filterModel when requesting set filter values (interface SetFilterValuesFuncParams) Backlog
AG-4579 [Clipboard] Add an option to allow ValueFormatter to be applied when copying group column cells values Backlog
Workaround: The code is getting the value formatter separately for group rows.
AG-4572 [Chart] Allow loading an Angular component into the integrated chart popup Backlog
AG-4567 [Column Menu] Add expand/collapseColumnGroups API to expand/collapse column groups shown in column menu (just like in columns tool panel) Backlog
AG-4563 [Column Groups] Allow preventing columns from being moved out of their column group Backlog
AG-4560 [API] Add an option to debounce the horizontal scroll Backlog
AG-4556 [Clipboard] Copy values from multi-auto column groups without using "->" to separate group names Backlog
AG-4555 [Performance] Improve performance of row highlighting Backlog
AG-4545 [SSRM] Allow providing groupKeys manually when building requests in getRows to better support complex objects for grouping Backlog
AG-4531 [Range selection] Allow growing range selection to include collapsed child rows Backlog
AG-4527 [Editing] Improve performance of Undo when undoing a large amount of changes Backlog
AG-4524 [SSRM] Add Filter Options to the SSRM getRows request in the filter model Backlog
AG-4520 [Accessibility] Announce correct row count in grid Backlog
AG-4519 [Accessibility] Announce row count on initial focus on grid (NVDA) Backlog
AG-4507 [Filter Tool Panel] Pin the search box to top of the filter tool panel Backlog
AG-4506 [Pivoting] Allow keeping row expand state while adding and removing columns Backlog
AG-4503 [Charts] Create a loading overlay for integrated charts Backlog
AG-4500 [API] Add row hover event to grid API Backlog
AG-4498 [Keyboard Navigation] Allow navigation from editable cells (while editing) to non-editable cells Backlog
AG-4497 [Charts] Allow users to set axis title through UI Backlog
AG-4496 [Column Filter] Allow sorting set filter options putting the selected ones on top, followed by non-selected ones Backlog
AG-4493 [Excel Export] Allow generating a protected Excel file Backlog
AG-4489 [Range Selection] Allow keeping the selected cell range when clicking the row's checkbox (for checkbox selection) or drag handle (for row dragging) Backlog
AG-4488 [Column Tool Panel] Display a 'No matches' message in the columns tool panel when no items match the mini-filter search Backlog
AG-4483 [Column Filters] Add a new set filter option when using Excel-mode to add the currently selected items to the existing items instead of replacing them Backlog
AG-4479 [Chart] Allow displaying grid cell formatted value in the chart tooltip renderer Backlog
AG-4477 [Charts] Allow range charts to be created using pinned rows Backlog
AG-4476 [React] Allow supporting auto-sized tooltip content Backlog
AG-4468 Simplify custom filtering with Tree Data Backlog
AG-4464 [Pivoting] Allow modifying the top-left cell when using row and column groups Backlog
AG-4463 [Row Height] Allow animating row height change Backlog
AG-4462 [Row Pinning] Allow pinned rows to be resized Backlog
AG-4461 [Cell Rendering] Allow displaying ellipsis and tooltips for long text values in agRichSelectCellEditor Backlog
AG-4460 [Chart] Allow exporting chart as a fixed-size image Backlog
AG-4458 [Chart] Allow exporting chart data into Excel/CSV via the chart toolbar Backlog
AG-4451 [API] Allow accessing nodes without having to loop through them, or to break out from the forEachNode() loop when looping through them Backlog
The performance impact of cycling through all the nodes is minimal. If you're seeing performance issues, please submit a support ticket with an running sample illustrating this and we will investigate and assist.
AG-4450 [API] Add an API method to get the ag-Grid version at runtime Backlog
AG-4447 [Row Height] Allow autoHeight to work with pinned rows Backlog
AG-4445 [Excel Export] Provide a more convenient way to skip columns in the Excel export Backlog
Use the columnKeys property to provide the list of columns you want to export. See this implemented in the sample below - click the button above the grid to export to Excel without the ATHLETE column:
AG-4441 [Master/Detail] Allow custom details renderer to only be initialized once when pinned areas are rendered Backlog
AG-4436 [React] Make chart series label properties reactive Backlog
AG-4434 [Excel Export] Allow providing export file name via a callback Backlog
AG-4433 [Excel Export] Add option to remove utf-8 Byte Order Mark (BOM) "\uFEFF" from CSV export Backlog
AG-4431 [Accessibility] Allow Narrator to announce editable cells as NOT read-only when using Edge browser Backlog
AG-4430 [Accessibility] When pressing UP/DOWN arrows, wrap around the menu items in context menu and column menu Backlog
AG-4421 [SSRM] Optimize block loading when scrolling in SSRM with debounce Backlog
AG-4416 [Chart] Allow displaying a hierarchy of axis labels Backlog
AG-4411 [Excel Export] Allow adding new ExcelStyles dynamically at time of export Backlog
AG-4406 [API] Add getQuickFilterText to Grid API to allow the use of custom component for quick filter Backlog
AG-4403 [Accessibility] Allow mechanism to supply ARIA row-count Backlog
AG-4399 [Context Menu] Allow context menu to fire ContextMenuOpened/ContextMenuClose events Backlog
AG-4397 [Keyboard Navigation/Accessibility] Allow keyboard navigation into and through the items in row group panel Backlog
AG-4392 [Accessibility] Add aria-label on a column header to announce the keyboard shortcuts for column menu/sorting if column has column menu or is sortable Backlog
AG-4385 [Column Pinning] Add right-to-left support for pinned columns Backlog
AG-4383 Allow adding whitespace padding below and to the right of the grid cell area Backlog
AG-4378 [Column Sizing] Add autoSizePadding property to column API Backlog
AG-4372 [Chart] Add support for Spline series types (line, area) to chart Backlog
AG-4371 [Charts] Allow displaying horizontal/vertical lines spanning the chart area when hovering over the chart with floating labels over the axes indicating the series value at this x-value Backlog
AG-4370 [Chart] Allow displaying embedded chart inside the chart navigator Backlog
AG-4365 [Accessibility] Allow correct keyboard navigation with the arrow keys when using NVDA Backlog
AG-4362 [Accessibility] Allow floating filter to not confuse screen readers when reading grid cells Backlog
AG-4361 [Accessibility] Allow TAB/SHIFT+TAB to navigate into the data cells Backlog
AG-4359 [Accessibility] Allow correct announcement of column names when using column groups Backlog
The aria-colindex and aria-colspan attributes were correctly added to the grouped columns. However, screen readers are not following the path correctly. Issue about this filed with JAWS:
AG-4358 [Accessibility] Allow screen readers specific keyboard navigation shortcuts to navigate in and out of the pinned column area Backlog
AG-4357 [Clipboard] Allow pasting non-contiguous copied cells into a non-contiguous range Backlog
You can implement this in user code as shown here:
AG-4353 [Pivoting] Allow grouping by values first, then columns Backlog
AG-4352 [Pivoting] Allow multiple values to be represented as groupings on the rows instead of the columns Backlog
AG-4350 [Master/Detail] Allow detailCellRendererParams to be set dynamically by a callback Backlog
AG-4344 [Column Filters] Allow a set filter mode where ALL selected set filter values need to match a cell value (filtering for tags) Backlog
AG-4343 [Cell Editing] Allow loading values from a service into the cell editor Backlog
AG-4342 [Components] Allow components to be registered after the initializing the grid Backlog
AG-4341 [Column Headers] Allow hiding column headers Backlog
AG-4337 [Chart] Add a waterfall series type Backlog
AG-4336 Аdd an "open" class to the DOM element with class "ag-side-buttons" Backlog
AG-4332 Prevent users from ungrouping via UI when enableRowGroup: false Backlog
AG-4324 [Pivoting] Allow automatically hiding a row-group field until its parent row-group level is expanded Backlog
AG-4323 Allow refData mapping to work for fields used as pivot labels Backlog
AG-4318 [Column Filters] Allow customizing the appearance of the set filter so user can display HTML/text above the mini-filter Backlog
AG-4316 [SSRM] Allow loading SSRM blocks via API without requiring user to scroll to them (to load a block before calling ensureIndexVisible) Backlog
AG-4309 [API] Add API method to expand the entire node path to a child node Backlog
AG-4308 [Row Grouping] Add an option when counting group children allowing to count direct vs all children Backlog
AG-4307 [Column Tool Panel] Allow adding user content in column tool panel Backlog
AG-4304 [Accessibility] Remove aria-hidden="true" from the wrapper ag-header-icon Backlog
AG-4294 [API] Pass additional parameters to cellEditingStopped, similar to cellValueChanged, including source Backlog
AG-4288 [Undo/Redo] Allow supporting undo/redo for adding/deleting rows Backlog
AG-4287 [Row Grouping] Allow to keep the group footer visible when the group is collapsed Backlog
AG-4285 [Drag & Drop] Add external DropZone for columns Backlog
AG-4283 [Column Filters] Add events to be fired when the floating filter popup/column menu filter tab are opened/closed Backlog
AG-4278 [Accessibility] Allow grid cells to display their tooltip automatically when navigated to using the keyboard arrows or TAB key Backlog
AG-4273 [Accessibility] Allow announcing the expanded/collapsed state of group rows (add the ARIA-expanded attribute) Backlog
This is implemented. Open NVDA screen reader, open sample below: Focus a group row and note its expanded/collapsed state is correctly announced. For JAWS row group expanded state is announced, but changes to it are not announced. We've opened an issue with JAWS about this:
AG-4272 Allow different columns for different row-group / tree data levels Backlog
AG-4264 [Internationalization] Allow users access to the full i18n object with all of the default English strings Backlog
AG-4261 [Cell Editing] Allow range select while editing a cell and feed the range selection back to the cell (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-4253 [Pagination] Allow setting the location of the pagination panel (above instead of below the grid) Backlog
AG-4246 [Pivoting] Allow showing grand totals of all columns in a pinned row at top or bottom when pivoting Backlog
AG-4242 [Pivoting] Allow setting an agg function on a pivot column for column total computation that uses the nodes to compute the totals value Backlog
AG-4240 [Sidebar] Allow hiding the sidebar (containing the buttons) and keeping the tool panel visible Backlog
AG-4238 [Updating Data] Add support for cell flashing for async updates in SSRM Backlog
AG-4232 [Pivoting] Add row spanning layout for row groups Backlog
AG-4229 [Selection] Allow deselecting cells from the selected cell range by CTRL+click a cell or SHIFT+drag to a cell (just like in Excel) Backlog
AG-4223 [Master/Detail] Allow keyboard navigation in and out of the detail grid (place the detail grid in the DOM order after the master node) Backlog
AG-4222 [Drag & Drop] Allow drag and drop between Grids to work with Unmanaged Drag Backlog
AG-4218 [SSRM] Add support for resetRowHeights in SSRM Backlog
AG-4199 [Column Filters] Floating set filter values shown are ordered inconsistently Backlog
AG-4178 [Column Sizing] Allowing suppressing auto-size on a column via any means (API, Column Menu Auto-size ALL columns, user double-click on column header edge) Backlog
AG-4168 Allow styling using RowClass rules without requiring setting !important Backlog
AG-4165 [Localization] Allow switching of localization language translations at runtime without losing state Backlog
AG-4164 [Column Filters] Add API to open/close filter popup for a specific column and indicate whether it's open Backlog
AG-4131 [Column Filter] Allow showing the filtering operator in the column of the floating filter Backlog
AG-4108 Remove invalid license error when testing an app using a valid license in Windows Backlog
AG-4103 [Cell Editing] Allow pushing your own cell update operations to undo/redo stack to capture data changes performed in user code via API calls Backlog
AG-4102 [Row Grouping] Allow preventing drag and drop of column groups into the RowGroupPanel Backlog
AG-4101 [Pivoting] Allow row group pivots to show as columns instead of rows if there is a one to one relationship between parent and child Backlog
AG-4093 [Column Sizing] Allow auto-sizing all columns including virtualized columns Backlog
In order to auto-size columns which are currently not in view, please turn off column virtualization by setting suppressColumnVirtualisation=true This is covered here:
AG-4089 [Printing] Allow rendering column headers at the top of every page when printing Backlog
AG-4086 Allow providing a class to editable cells while they are on-read mode so that they can be styled Backlog
AG-4085 Provide target for onCellFocused to query what caused the focus event Backlog
AG-4084 [Chart] Allow saving and restoring chart size and position Backlog
AG-4081 [Row Grouping] Allow scrolling through the group columns in the row group panel Backlog
AG-4078 Allow IHeaderComp to be exported from @ag-grid-community/core Backlog
AG-4069 [Pivoting] Pass the nodes to pivotComparator (like regular comparator) Backlog
AG-4058 [Column Filters] Add horizontal scrollbar to set filter list Backlog
AG-4054 [Charts] Add support for dot plot charts Backlog
AG-4043 [Charts] Allow switching x-axis with y-axis in line-charts Backlog
AG-4030 [Column Filters] Add API to enable/disable floating filters dynamically Backlog
AG-4029 [Column Filters] Add option to wrap text for set filter values Backlog
AG-4017 [Cell Editing] Allow configuring the position of popup editors (top, bottom etc.) Backlog
AG-4008 [Column Filters] Allow set filter to interpret and group dates in a hierarchy of week/month/quarter/year (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-4007 [Column Filters] Allow entering filter expressions in text (e.g. Bob OR Alice, >1000, 223) in the filter input Backlog
AG-4005 [Column Pinning] Allow setting the maximum number of pinned columns Backlog
AG-4003 [Accessibility] Add new table presentation for screen readers when grid is non editable Backlog
AG-4002 [Chart] Make chart ranges more distinguishable from cell ranges Backlog
AG-4001 Allow chart ranges to be resized in all directions Backlog
AG-3998 [Drag&Drop] Add support for custom row drag text when dragging and dropping between grids Backlog
AG-3988 [Drag & Drop] Allow configuring where to drop nodes that are dragged between grids Backlog
AG-3980 [Scrolling] Allow configuring the horizontal scroll bar such that you can make it 100% width of the grid dynamically Backlog
AG-3971 [Charts] Allow adding a label to the chart series Backlog
AG-3967 [Drag & Drop] Add event for when dragging external elements over rows Backlog
AG-3966 [API] Add a callback onGridVisible Backlog
AG-3964 [Column Groups] Allow configuring different group header height for different levels when using multiple column group levels Backlog
AG-3959 [API] Add a click event to the default column header cell Backlog
AG-3957 Provide more information on the event onColumnRowGroupchanged so that we can know exactly what was the state before and after the column row group was changed Backlog
AG-3953 [Cell Editing] Allow users enter a formula in a cell to compute its value based on other cells (just like in Excel) Backlog
AG-3948 Charts examples layout is broken when opened in Plunker in IE11 Backlog
AG-3947 [Excel Export] Add a processCellXMLCallback to allow the user to edit the XML instead of just the content Backlog
AG-3941 [Column Filters] Allow floating filter values to be applied only on an API call Backlog
AG-3940 Add event for using full row editing and a cell has finished editing Backlog
AG-3936 [Row Height] Allow auto-height to be used on full-width rows Backlog
Use workaround below (requires suppressing row virtualisation):
AG-3924 [Context Menu] Allow opening/closing the context menu from the API Backlog
AG-3915 [Column Pinning] Allow setting maxWidth for pinned columns area (smaller than viewport) and horizontal scrolling inside the pinned column area if total pinned column width is greater than pinned area width Backlog
AG-3904 [Pivoting] Allow styling secondary columns on hover Backlog
AG-3902 [Row Grouping] Allow tooltips to be used with full-width group rows Backlog
AG-3898 [Excel Export] Allow exporting Master Detail Grids with more than 2 levels of nesting - master, detail, sub-detail Backlog
AG-3897 [Excel export] Allow skipping top level groups only when exporting a pivot grid Backlog
AG-3895 [Clipboard] Allow excluding rows from getting copied to clipboard Backlog
AG-3890 [Chart] Add logic to avoid pie chart label collisions Backlog
AG-3889 Allow returning/getting the formatted value for a cell via an API call Backlog
AG-3885 [Row Selection] Allow suppressing multiple row selection with SHIFT + click Backlog
AG-3875 Add support for sticky scroll bars Backlog
AG-3870 [Column Sizing] Allow setting a range of (minWidth, maxWidth) for column auto-sizing that isn't applied when user resizes column manually Backlog
AG-3868 [Drag & Drop] Add event for column dragging outside the grid Backlog
AG-3860 [Scrolling] Allow adjusting the scrolling position after row insertion so the focused/edited record stays in the same place Backlog
See this implemented here - select a row to keep it in the middle of the grid vertically as new rows are added:
AG-3859 [Row Selection] Allow HeaderCheckboxSelection to select only the current page of rows Backlog
AG-3858 [Row Grouping] Allow passing all children of a group through the filter if at least one child node passes the filter Backlog
AG-3856 [Tooltip] Allow tooltips to only be shown when the full text is not rendered on the cell Backlog
AG-3854 [Pivoting] Allow dragging the columns that make up a group multi auto column to the pivot panel and pivoting on them Backlog
AG-3848 [Cell Editing] Allow full control over when cell editing should stop (i.e only stop editing when the user clicks a button) Backlog
AG-3838 [Chart] Allow Bar / Columns charts to support Time Axis Backlog
AG-3834 Allow customizing the style of the filter and/or radio boxes & input filters Backlog
AG-3826 [Accessibility] Blank cells can't be read by Narrator Backlog
AG-3825 [Accessibility] Allow loading overlay message to be announced by screen readers Backlog
Can be implemented with custom overlays. Start your screen reader and open sample below:
AG-3822 [Fill Handle] Allow cancelling default behaviour of the fill handle based on user logic Backlog
AG-3821 [Viewport Row Model] Allow supporting selection with Viewport Row Model Backlog
AG-3820 [Column menu] Allow to configure which column menu tab to show by default Backlog
AG-3816 [Row Grouping] Allow groupRemoveSingleChildren and groupHideOpenParents to work together Backlog
AG-3811 [Row Pinning] Allow Pinned Rows to have Master/Detail Backlog
AG-3803 [Master/Detail] Add print functionality for master/detail grid Backlog
AG-3794 [Row Height] Allow auto-height to be used on full-width group rows Backlog
AG-3792 [Column Menu] Allow adding custom menu tabs to the column menu Backlog
AG-3791 [Row Grouping] When opening a group row, allow the child nodes to appear above the group row instead of below it Backlog
AG-3781 Add event for row virtualisation Backlog
AG-3777 [Clipboard] Allow pasting in a cell even if it is not editable Backlog
AG-3776 [Drag & Drop] Allow cancelling a dragging operation based on key press (pressing ESC key) Backlog
AG-3774 Allow dynamically configuring if the group cell renderer should be used on a node by node basis based on its indentation level / key being used to group Backlog
AG-3773 [Cell Editing/Rendering] Allow displaying/adding Excel-like comments/annotations to grid cells Backlog
AG-3757 [Row Grouping] Allow footer row heights to be updated when using resetRowHeights Backlog
AG-3748 [Accessibility] Allow the column header to be announced on cell change when using VoiceOver and Tab/arrow keys for navigation Backlog
AG-3746 [Accessibility] Allow VoiceOver to work with enableCellSelection=true and not announce cells as 'presentation' Backlog
AG-3744 Allow the chart menu panel to be closed with a close button Backlog
AG-3742 [Row Grouping] Allow suppressing expand/collapse of group nodes when double clicked Backlog
AG-3735 [Column Filters] Allow custom date format to be specified for the input when using a date filter (agDateColumnFilter) Backlog
AG-3732 [Excel Export] Allow providing dynamic styling for the column header rows when exporting to excel Backlog
AG-3730 [Updating Data] Allow updating values for cells that are currently being edited via the API Backlog
AG-3701 [Row Grouping] Allow paginating child rows for a group row Backlog
AG-3698 Add clear button to textbox inputs inside ag-Grid (filter inputs, tool panel inputs, etc) Backlog
AG-3692 [Column Groups] Allow Column Groups to not change width with multi auto column groups after they change the order of grouping Backlog
AG-3663 Add events for headers e..g. headerMouseOver, headerMouseOut, headerMouseDown Backlog
AG-3653 Add css classes/SASS variables to cells/columns so that is possible to style the borders of outer columns in a pivot group Backlog
AG-3651 [Column Filters] Allow to position column menu popups automatically with wide custom filters Backlog
AG-3618 [Pivoting] Allow easily configuring secondary columns via gridOptions and colDef. (ie colDef.pivotColDef: (pivotColumn)=>.... AND gridOptions.totalPivotColDef: (pivotTotalColDef)=>...) Backlog
AG-3616 [Row Height] Allow minimum row height to be set when using autoHeight=true Backlog
AG-3613 Allow changing the minimum height of the grid (to accomodate for domLayout=”autoHeight” and grid with 1 row) Backlog
AG-3604 [Filters Tool Panel] Add API to clear the "search" textbox value in the Filters Tool Panel Backlog
AG-3591 [Column Menu] Allow custom column layouts in the column menu columns tab just like in the columns tool panel to provide custom sort order/column grouping Backlog
AG-3584 [Infinite Row Model] Add support for dynamic row heights with infinite row model Backlog
AG-3573 [API] Fire event for when all group nodes nodes are expanded/collapsed Backlog
AG-3570 Allow suppressClickEdit to be a callback so that it can be configured on a per cell basis Backlog
AG-3567 Allow suppressing all ag-Grid warnings in console Backlog
AG-3559 [Charts] Allow rotating the group labels Backlog
AG-3537 [Clipboard] Allow suppressing paste events dynamically based on the current cell via suppressPaste Backlog
AG-3535 [Context Menu] Replace disabled 'paste' icon in context menu with note Backlog
AG-3527 [Charts] Provide additional (grid) context for axis labelFormatters Backlog
AG-3523 [Tooltip] Allow custom tooltips to remain visible as long as the mouse hovers the tooltip to allow interacting with tooltip content Backlog
AG-3518 [Row Grouping] Allow configuring with a callback if a row should be rollup, similar to groupRemoveLowestSingleChildren/groupRemoveSingleChildren but fully configurable Backlog
AG-3509 [Charts] Provide a grid line formatter callback similar to labelFormatter Backlog
AG-3508 [Charts] Provide a tick formatter callback similar to labelFormatter Backlog
AG-3503 Create OHLC (open,high,low,close) series for financial visualizations Backlog
AG-3490 [Row Sorting] Allow fully customizing row sorting (as opposed to post-sort) so that for large datasets the entire sorting logic is delegated to the client Backlog
AG-3453 [Column Filters] Add support for range filters (i.e. two values, "from" and "to") in custom filter options Backlog
AG-3444 [Charts] Allow selecting nonconsecutive columns for creating charts Backlog
AG-3434 Allow setSideBarVisible to take an optional parameter like openToolPanel so that is made visible with that toolpanel open (ie: setSideBarVisible (true, 'columns') Backlog
AG-3433 [Sidebar] Allow providing a custom sideBar component and to have it hidden by default Backlog
AG-3429 [Context Menu] Allow suppressing the Context Menu on a cell by cell basis Backlog
AG-3427 [Excel Export] Add an option to export the formatted cell value (currently you have to apply your valueFormatter for the column to the exported cell value in processCellCallback to format it) Backlog
Until this is implemented, please call the valueFormatter function for the column when exporting its value in processCellCallback. This way you can apply the same valueFormatter logic when exporting the cell values.
AG-3426 [State] Allow saving/restoring the selection state as we would do for the filter/sort state (getSelectionNodes would suffice to get it, but have a matching setSelectedNodes) Backlog
AG-3422 [SSRM] Allow chaining set filters values like we do in the client side row model (ie selecting a country should limit the amount of cities) Backlog
AG-3413 Allow providing DOM resulting cells with semantic classes (potentially configurable) so that is easy to select them using XPath Backlog
AG-3388 [Charts] Allow access to all row data for chart tooltips Backlog
AG-3378 Allow adding semantic classes to column headers so is possible to provide advanced styling on them (ie identify if they are the last column from a group, how many parents they have...) Backlog
AG-3373 [Row Grouping] Allow unmanaged editing in row group nodes when using plain grouping Backlog
AG-3363 [Row Grouping] Allow displaying the group totals row as a group header row Backlog
AG-3357 [Accessibility] Allow screen reader to read correct column names when using pinned columns Backlog
AG-3335 [Column Filters] Allow to get the column name associated with a floating filter input Backlog
AG-3333 [SideBar] Allow adding buttons in the sidebar that invoke logic directly, instead of open a tool panel Backlog
AG-3332 Change ag-rich-select CSS height property to use max-height instead of height Backlog
AG-3331 [Tooltip] Allow conditionally rendering tooltips Backlog
AG-3326 [Column Pinning] Allow locking (using lockPosition) a column to the right (currently only possible to lock to the left edge) Backlog
AG-3321 [Charts] Add Animation Effects Backlog
AG-3319 [Charts] Add Map Chart Backlog
AG-3315 [Column Menu] Allow configuring renderers for column menu columns tab items Backlog
AG-3284 [Charts] Add Combination Charts (showing multiple series types in the same chart) for integrated charts Backlog
AG-3282 [Column Filters] Allow filters to grow from right to left if reaching the end of the viewport Backlog
See workaround below using postProcessPopup to render popup inside viewport:
AG-3258 Link in cell with cellRendererFramework not accessible via Keyboard ENTER key Backlog
AG-3255 [Cell Editing] Allow capturing ENTER key in isolation when using IME Edit=Korean / Japanese Backlog
Workaround - while in Japanese Hiragana input mode, select a cell, press ENTER key to start editing, then you can enter Japanese text
AG-3254 [Accessibility] Allow setting aria-live option on rows Backlog
AG-3251 [Pivoting] Allow unbalanced groups to work with pivot mode Backlog
AG-3250 [Charts] Allow exporting charts to Excel Backlog
AG-3241 [Tree Data] Allow tri-state checkbox selection in tree data just like in row grouping (SHIFT selection + tri-state selection + select child rows from group row) Backlog
AG-3236 [Charts] Allow X-labels to get their values from the column headers Backlog
AG-3233 [Column Menu] Allow restoring grid columns after they have all been hidden from the column menu UI when the columns tool panel is not shown Backlog
You can implement this by showing a dummy column only in the case no other columns are visible to allow access to the column menu. This approach is implemented here:
AG-3227 [Charts] Allow configuring the tooltip offset Backlog
AG-3218 Investigate performance optimizations around updating a single record with lots of data while using transactions Backlog
AG-3211 Add server side event for onFirstDataLoaded Backlog
AG-3185 [Touch] Add range select capability for touch devices Backlog
AG-3172 [Cell Rendering] Add support for innerRendererSelector similar to renderers and editors Backlog
AG-3152 Revamp theming to simplify customization of different areas of the grid including (border transparency, size units not tied to px, provide more defaults to be overridden) Backlog
AG-3142 [Cell Rendering] Allow rotated/transposed view - display a data row as a grid column, and a column as a row (just like in Excel) Backlog
AG-3121 [Updating Data] Add a param which contains a list of nodes which have been updated in the rowDataUpdated event Backlog
AG-3114 Allow users to use SVG icons as pre v20, so that they can seamlessly choose between using web fonts or SVG icons. Backlog
AG-3072 [Column group] Allow column group header cell to span multiple rows when other groups have more levels Backlog
We recommend that you don't define group columns for columns with one column level. Instead, use a custom headerComponent for these one-level columns. In this custom headerComponent element you can arrange layout to span into two lines and center the header text vertically. This way the autosize will take into consideration the first line of the column header too.
AG-3069 [Excel Export] Allow exporting row groups to Excel so that you can expand/collapse them in Excel Backlog
AG-3063 [React] How to sort with a react-flux project Backlog
AG-3032 [Charts] Add Heatmap chart series type Backlog
AG-2998 [Charts] Only show 1 Pie Series in Chart Range Backlog
AG-2976 [SSRM] Show warning when using SSRM + set filter and not specifying newRowsAction: 'keep' Backlog
AG-2973 Integrate PR - replace duplicated setting of datasource to serverSideDatasource Backlog
AG-2961 [SSRM] Allow restoring open group nodes and selection after purging the server-side cache Backlog
AG-2945 Investigate possible performance degradations when loading data in the grid Backlog
AG-2942 [Drag & Drop] Add new events when row dragging & dropping to allow the hovered rows to be easily styled Backlog
AG-2928 [Pivoting] Add API to allow expansion of column group totals Backlog
AG-2923 [SSRM] Add context to getRows callback for the server side row model Backlog
AG-2919 [SSRM] Allow a callback to be passed to purgeServerSideCache Backlog
AG-2916 Add when using any row model (in-memory, viewport, server row model) a method to retrieve the nodes that are first and last NOT taking into consideration the rowBuffer Backlog
AG-2907 [Column Headers] Allow headerName to be a callback so that it can be dynamic while used for grouping/aggregations/data updates... Backlog
AG-2895 [Cell Editing] Add a new method to identify whether a given cell is editable or not (handy if editable is a callback) Backlog
This is currently implemented in the isCellEditable undocumented function, as shown in sample below. Click on a cell to display its editable status in the console:
AG-2894 [Row Grouping] Allow groupRemoveSingleChildren to also take effect after filtering Backlog
AG-2886 [Layout & Styling] Allow to override $input-bottom-border SASS variable in Material theme Backlog
AG-2882 Add API method call similar to getCellRendererInstances to retrieve header components Backlog
AG-2881 [Scrolling] Allow setting the display mode of the scrollbar independently of the OS settings (ie always visible) Backlog
AG-2878 [Column Filters] Allow filter logic to combine AND or OR between columns, not just AND Backlog
Please implement this as shown here:
AG-2875 Change agLargeTextCellEditor default to 0 so it has no max characters by default. Backlog
AG-2859 Allow expand/collapse hide/show row nodes/columns to be performed in a batch fashion Backlog
******* For the time being, we've created a workaround which you can find in the following Plunker which uses a hard-coded refresh: ******
AG-2848 [Pivoting] Allow configuring if a cell renderer should be used also in pivot mode for value columns Backlog
AG-2843 [Drag & Drop] Add to drag and drop events (over and drop) information about the target column Backlog
AG-2835 Allow chart creation from Multi-Range Backlog
AG-2831 [Charts] Allow charts to be created using rows instead of columns for data Backlog
AG-2815 [Column Headers] Allow refreshHeaders to also update the columns in the toolPanel when using a custom column header component Backlog
AG-2811 [Pivoting] Allow horizontal scrolling in the column group and label tool panels Backlog
AG-2810 [Tool Panel] Allow using a fully custom icon for a custom tool panel Backlog
AG-2784 [Column Filter] Add option to allow set filter to keep selected values when they are no longer present in the data Backlog
AG-2783 [Column Menu] Allow menu tabs to be set with a callback so they can be dynamic Backlog
AG-2778 Add method in the API to retrieve colDef from a column or colId Backlog
AG-2759 Allow passing a param to AnimateShowChangeCellRenderer to specify the duration of the animation Backlog
AG-2757 [Tooltip] Allow configuring the position for tooltips (top, bottom...) Backlog
AG-2754 [Status Bar] Add a formatter to the standard status bar component to format the numbers associated with avg, count, min, max and sum Backlog
AG-2745 [Aggregation] Allow configuring where aggregation should be displayed so that they can be shown in group columns Backlog
AG-2730 Change the GetMainMenuItemsParams interface so that api and columnApi are not flagged as null Backlog
AG-2725 Allow passing custom HTML attributes to the ag-grid renderers/editors/filters/floating filters through component params Backlog
AG-2713 [Column Filters] Add support for Material components in the number/text filter Backlog
AG-2707 [Selection] Allow for bulk selection to select many nodes at once Backlog
AG-2706 Events - Add listener to mouse middle click Backlog
AG-2704 [Cell Rendering] Allow setting a custom error message to display when a getter/formatter fails (similar to Excel displaying ERR) Backlog
AG-2698 [Column Headers] Allow configuring tooltips for the built-in column header icons (filter, sort indicator, column menu button, resize handle) Backlog
AG-2692 Investigate implications of inlining styles/images in ag-grid Backlog
AG-2690 Add support for fullWidthRowSelector similar to cellRowSelector Backlog
AG-2689 [Row Grouping] Allow footers to be recalculated Backlog
AG-2687 [column menu] Allow for better UX when keeping sub menus opened as user moves the mouse from the parent menu to the sub-menu, right now is too harsh Backlog
AG-2662 [State] Allow providing initial filter state for the grid to be applied as soon as it is loaded Backlog
AG-2660 Allow the creation of custom popups and allow them to stick to the row/column as the user scrolls or the viewport is resized Backlog
AG-2633 [Master/Detail] Allow full-width rows to work with Master/Detail Backlog
AG-2625 [Sidebar] Allow drag icon to be customisable Backlog
AG-2616 [Cell Editing] Allow to prevent focus from leaving the currently edited cell if cell validation fails Backlog
See this implemented in the sample below. Follow the steps below to demonstrate this: 1. Open 2. Edit a cell in AGE column 3. Type '5' (or any value below 10) 4. Press ENTER key Actual & Expected: Cell remains focused and in edit mode 5. Press TAB/SHIFT+TAB Actual & Expected: Cell remains focused and in edit mode 6. Press ESC key or click in another grid cell Actual & Expected: Cell editing ends and old (valid) value is restored
AG-2615 Allow getFirstRenderedRow method to return the first row in the viewport even when rowBuffer > 0 Backlog
AG-2609 [Row Selection] Allow isRowSelectable to be re-evaluated on demand/when data updates Backlog
AG-2603 [Clipboard] Add original data (pre-grid manipulation) and metadata (ie columns being copied/col span information) as a parameter to processDataFromClipboard Backlog
AG-2600 [Column Sizing] Improve performance of batch updating of column widths Backlog
AG-2596 [Rendering] Allow ensureRow or ensureCol to be called so that it changes the scroll without changing the focused cell Backlog
AG-2594 [Aggregation] Allow specifying renderers for columns that have aggregations Backlog
AG-2587 [Status Bar] Allow status bar default components to work with SSRM on the cached rows (show a warning) Backlog
AG-2585 [Drag and drop] Add support for very long row labels Backlog
AG-2584 [Date] Allow date component to be used as an out of the box editor Backlog
AG-2581 [Context menu] Allow configuring icons for default context menu items that have no icons for default (ie Excel export) Backlog
AG-2576 [Full-width rows] Allow full-width rows to be hovered and horizontally scrolled using the mouse wheel or touchpad Backlog
AG-2574 [Scrolling] Allow for a sticky horizontal scroll bar when using domLayout: autoHeight Backlog
AG-2571 [SSRM] Allow editing tree data value columns in group nodes when using SSRM Backlog
AG-2568 [Column Filter] Allow set filter popup to automatically size to fit the width of its contents Backlog
AG-2564 [Layout&Styling] Allow style callbacks to also be applied to cells while in edit mode Backlog
AG-2559 [Export] Add callback to all exports CSV/XLS/XLSX - processGroupHeaderCallback Backlog
AG-2555 [Excel export] Allow applying more than one excel style id to Column Headers when exporting to Excel Backlog
AG-2550 [Cell Rendering] Support Zoom in/out of the browser Backlog
AG-2548 [Components] Allow agLargeTextCellEditor to work with full row edit Backlog
AG-2542 [Cell Editing] Allow a flag so that editing will not change a value cell but raise an event that the user can listen to and update their store Backlog
AG-2522 [Excel Export] Automatically export boolean values to boolean native Excel types Backlog
AG-2515 [Filter Tool Panel] Allow configuring the filters tool panel with additional components Backlog
AG-2513 [API] Add API method to check if the currently loaded grid is enterprise or not Backlog
AG-2495 [Cell Editing] Allow popup editors to work with fullRow editMode Backlog
AG-2494 [Layout & Styling] Allow material theme to have some air at the bottom of the grid to allow for material editing in the last row Backlog
AG-2475 Allow row class rules to be reevaluated on the back of a callback every time the row index changes (not only the underlying data) Backlog
AG-2473 [Row Grouping] Allow to show custom context menu from the row group panel items Backlog
AG-2470 [Column Group] Allow preventing column moving for column groups Backlog
AG-2469 Allow column groups to be split via definition in the colDefs Backlog
AG-2458 [Range Selection][State] Allow range selection to be restored when changing the column state (If range is still contiguous) Backlog
AG-2450 [Aurelia] Allow ag-grid-aurelia colDefs to work without .bind Backlog
AG-2446 [Drag & Drop] Add support for unmanaged row drag and drop in SSRM Backlog
AG-2435 [Range Selection][State] Allow range selection to be kept after an update in the grid based on the data and not the row index Backlog
Use api.getSelectedCellRanges() and api.addSelectedCellRange() to implement this manually.
AG-2430 Add a new way to style cells, similar to cellClass, but appending classes to the already existing one as opposed of overwriting them, ie cellClassAppend Backlog
We did some analysis on this and determined we won't address this issue due to the complexity it introduces vs the benefit. A working solution would require us to detect which other rows need to be rendered in the DOM before we encounter them due when row spanning is enabled. A possible workaround for some users would be to set the rowBuffer to a sufficiently large number
AG-2427 [Excel Export] Add new event to be fired after a user has exported data (CSV/XML or Excel) Backlog
AG-2411 [Row Sorting] Allow building common implementations of comparators by passing the column as a parameter to the comparator, pivotComparator, filterParams.comparator Backlog
AG-2398 [Clipboard] Allow pasting values containing new line characters into a single cell Backlog
AG-2397 [Column Filters] Add rowNode to textCustomComparator callback Backlog
AG-2396 Add formattedValue/RowNode to processCellForClipboard Backlog
AG-2394 [Cell Editing] Add a new flag to stop editing automatically after the user navigates out of the current editing cell Backlog
AG-2392 [Column headers] Allow providing a HTML template only for the body of the header Backlog
AG-2382 [SSRM] Allow columns update/reset to render the grid without having to call getRows again Backlog
AG-2357 [Context Menu] Allow printing the correct Mac shortcuts when using the context menu Backlog
AG-2353 Adding API call to return all distinct values in a column just as the set filter does Backlog
AG-2341 [Row Grouping] Allow extracting information about totals if using group footers Backlog
AG-2339 [Row Pinning] Allow row selection from pinned rows Backlog
AG-2314 Take rowClass into consideration when using autoheight Backlog
AG-2299 Add context to all events, change docs accordingly Backlog
AG-2297 Add a method to the grid api to return the context Backlog
AG-2236 [Status Bar] Add Value Formatter Backlog
AG-2229 [Column Tool Panel] Allow dragging the column item from anywhere inside the item (just like in Excel), not using just the drag handle Backlog
AG-2225 [React] Allow changing cacheBlockSize dynamically (either via API or making it a reactive property) Backlog
AG-2223 [SSRM] Allow selectAll/deselectAll, headerCheckboxSelection and group children selection with server-side row model Backlog
AG-2196 [Clipboard] Allow clipboard - CTRL+ click select horizontally + copy + paste: to paste vertically (auto detect range is contiguous) Backlog
AG-2174 [Range Selection] Allow pressing CTRL + SHIFT+ ARROW key to select consecutive cell range horizontally or vertically that are all empty or all populated (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-2169 [Column Group] Improve the parameters of Header Group Columns (including Pivot) Backlog
AG-2168 [Pivoting] Allow filtering in secondary columns when pivoting Backlog
AG-2156 [SSRM] Allow iteration of child nodes of a group in SSRM Backlog
AG-2151 [Column Filters] Add to filterChanged event parameters a reference to the column whose filter changed Backlog
AG-2118 [Clipboard] Allow configuring what should take precedence when copying, selection or range Backlog
AG-2107 [Updating Data] Add a method to batchUpdateRowData allow clearing the queue Backlog
AG-2103 [Updating Data] Allow keeping focused cell/row when new rows are added Backlog
Use the workaround below to keep the same data row focused as new rows are added above it:
AG-2099 [API] Add reset columns as a source for displayedColumnsChanged Backlog
AG-2094 Website - Create entries on the events page for those events documented on by Event Properties & Hierarchy diagram Backlog
AG-2093 [Column Filters] Add API method to set focus to floating filters Backlog
AG-2090 Styling - add new SASS variable to allow configuring the border-type for rows Backlog
AG-2084 [SSRM] Allow blockLoadDebounceMillis to only apply when vertically scrolling (currently it applies to all requests, even ones to refresh data after a row add/remove) Backlog
AG-2075 [Excel Export] Allow exporting the selected cell range to Excel Backlog
AG-2065 [Scrolling] Allow scrolling horizontally using the trackpad/mouse wheel when over the column headers Backlog
AG-2056 [Cell Editing] Allow popup editors to stay open when clicking outside of their bounds Backlog
AG-2055 [Row Height] Allow the option for row height to be changed via mouse dragging (just like in Excel) Backlog
AG-2054 [Cell Rendering] Allow multi-select in agSelectCellEditor (selecting multiple items) Backlog
AG-2049 Allow functionsReadOnly to be defined per column Backlog
AG-2046 [Row Grouping] Allow auto group columns to be part of a column group Backlog
AG-2043 [Column Filters] Add column information to the set filter cellRenderer params Backlog
AG-2037 [Cell Editing] Allow automatically fitting agRichSelectCellEditor width to column width Backlog
AG-2035 [Master/Detail] Add facility like 'rememberGroupStateWhenNewData' for Master/Detail Backlog
AG-2032 [Column Filters] Allow suppressing quickFilter lookup in hidden columns Backlog
AG-2022 [React] Allow batch update of node selection with a single render Backlog
AG-2004 Add target to the rowDrag Events Backlog
AG-2002 [Columns Tool Panel] Allow Custom Renderers for each column in the column tool panel Backlog
AG-2000 [Tree Data] Allow setting the Sort Model of auto-group columns in tree data Backlog
AG-1998 [Infinite Row Model] Prevent users from applying Pivot and Row Grouping in Infinite Row Model Backlog
AG-1989 [Full-width rows] Add support for Total Footers when using full-width rows Backlog
AG-1986 [Row Sorting] Optimise Sorting when using row data transactions Backlog
AG-1983 [Events] Allow users to access event objects to stopPropagation and avoid bubbling Backlog
AG-1981 [Quick Filter] Add an option to maintain pre-17.1 behaviour Backlog
AG-1969 [Tool Panel] Allow suppression of parentheses around aggregation field in Tool Panel values Backlog
AG-1963 Improve performance of batchUpdateRowData Backlog
AG-1962 [Row Grouping] Allow setting which level of grouping, group columns, or specific group nodes display grouping footers Backlog
AG-1960 [Row Grouping] Allow pinning group total footer row to the bottom (groupIncludeTotalFooter to behave like pinnedBottomRowdata to display totals outside of scroll bar) Backlog
AG-1954 Allow configuring the icon to be used for grouping based on current level of indentation / node / column Backlog
AG-1950 [Clipboard] Allow copy-paste current cell if no range selection is enabled Backlog
AG-1940 [Context menu] Add event listener to context menu Backlog
AG-1937 [Column Groups] Add a horizontal scrollbar for each column group Backlog
AG-1929 [Master/Detail] Allow retaining state per detail grid Backlog
AG-1926 [Tree Data] Allow non-unique rows (allow duplicate rows in the tree) Backlog
AG-1924 [Excel Export] Allow different styles for different headers in the XLS export Backlog
AG-1923 Make example runner results look better for frameworks Backlog
AG-1917 Rejected issues to show in pipeline Backlog
AG-1900 [Clipboard] Investigate copy and paste with value formatter and value parser optimisation Backlog
AG-1885 [Tool Panel] Allow the user to provide their own components for the tool panel Backlog
AG-1880 [Quick Filter] Allow preventing quick filter from matching values in hidden columns Backlog
AG-1856 [Updating Data] Allow batch updates somehow when using deltaRowDataMode Backlog
AG-1820 [Column Menu] Allow column menu by configuration to stay on screen until users click outside out of it. Backlog
AG-1817 Add contextual information to the onSortChanged event Backlog
AG-1801 [Master/Detail] Allow Aurelia templates to work with m/d Backlog
AG-1769 [SSRM] autoHeight should work when new rows are loaded Backlog
AG-1756 header width should consider suppressMenu: true Backlog
AG-1755 [Quick Filter] Allow quick filter to be case sensitive Backlog
AG-1722 [Master/Detail] Allow detail-level rows to be selected Backlog
AG-1696 [React] Make enableRangeSelection a reactive property Backlog
AG-1686 [Row Sorting] Add built-in option for case-insensitive sorting (currently requires custom comparator) Backlog
AG-1639 Allow asynchronous cell value commit while editing Backlog
AG-1637 [Column Tool Panel] Allow suppressing column drag handle in the column tool panel Backlog
AG-1628 add semantic classes to ag-menu so users can target styles for different sections of the app Backlog
AG-1618 [Row Sorting] Allow customTextComparator to work with any underlying data type not only strings Backlog
AG-1616 Allow removing focused CSS style from cells as soon as the grid loses focus Backlog
AG-1611 [Drag & Drop] Add API method to recalculate the row drag & drop on demand Backlog
AG-1595 [Column Filters] Add filter icon to indicate when a filter is applied to a column that appears only in the grouping bar or only in the pivoting bar Backlog
AG-1587 [Row Grouping] Allow initialising/saving/restoring the expand/collapse state of the row groups Backlog
AG-1567 Allow extending instead of overriding properties of colDef specified in both a colDef and the defaultColDef Backlog
AG-1566 [Row Pinning] Add support for tree data in pinned rows Backlog
AG-1536 Add ability to suppress expand grouped row on double click Backlog
AG-1535 [State] Allow providing object that contains initial state for the grid Backlog
AG-1534 [Cell Editing] Allow suppression of grid claiming focus when editing stops if a user clicks outside of the grid Backlog
AG-1470 [Column Group] Allow header group columns to receive a HTML template parameter Backlog
AG-1417 [Clipboard] Allow passing the rows to be pasted on the clipboard callbacks Backlog
AG-1412 New Partners Page Backlog
AG-1407 [Column Filters] Add source information to the filter events - ie Apply button etc... Backlog
AG-1377 Allow configuring what to do when tabbing on the last row, ideally allow tabbing to the next HTML element. Backlog
AG-1344 [Updating Data] Allow recomputing aggregations but skipping sorting after a transaction Backlog
AG-1282 [React] Make pagination properties reactive Backlog
Until this is implemented, please recreate the grid after changing the pagination property values for them to take effect.
AG-1198 [Column Filters] Allow interacting with set filter via its floating filter textbox Backlog
AG-1195 [Cell Editing] Allow editing in many rows at once, and let edit mode be turned on by default. Likely to be a callback Backlog
AG-1190 Allow remembering the state of the rows (expanded/collapsed) when changing the groups via the dropdown Backlog
AG-1176 Allow filling visible area of the grid with empty rows if not enough rows provided Backlog
AG-1170 [Column Group] Allow preventing pinning of column groups Backlog
AG-1063 [SSRM] Allow SSRM to be loaded initially at a specific page/rowIndex Backlog
AG-1054 [SSRM] Allow SSRM to go back to previously selected row after sort/filter Backlog
This functionality is currently supported when using SSRM with Full Store. This isn't supported when using Partial store because the rows get reloaded from the server when sorting/filtering. Steps to illustrate for SSRM-full store: 0. Open 1. Select a row 2. Click group column header to sort Actual & Expected: The selected row is maintained
AG-1014 Add support for Electron Backlog
AG-1011 [State] Restore grid state in single operation in SSRM to avoid multiple calls to getRows() Backlog
AG-893 [API] Extend suppressKeyboardEvent to include selection events Backlog
AG-870 [Row Grouping] Allow group selection without checkboxes Backlog
AG-868 [toolpanel] Scroll through the list of columns while dragging another one Backlog
AG-832 [SSRM] Allow navigate to row index (ensureIndexVisible) independently of the row height used Backlog
AG-753 [State] Save/Restore group columns state Backlog
AG-694 [Grid Size] Allow a max height to be specified when using autoHeight for the grid Backlog
AG-614 [Overlay] Overlay should have option to "disable" grid when displayed Backlog
AG-573 [Accessibility] Allow pinned columns to be announced as pinned Backlog
Columns cannot be announced as pinned because there’s no aria-role value that allows to mark a column as pinned:
AG-553 [infinite scrolling + pagination] gridOptions.cacheOverflowSize = 0 should cause the loading overlay and no row shown Backlog
AG-448 [Export] Allow exportDataToCSV for infinite row model Backlog
AG-418 Update conference video Backlog
AG-393 [Column Headers] Allow different group columns to display different header tooltip (currently all group columns display the same header tooltip defined in autoGroupColumnDef) Backlog
AG-275 [Column Filters] Add new filter option: "outside range" Backlog
AG-273 [Infinite scrolling] Get refreshVirtualPageCache() to load from the page that is currently visible Backlog
AG-203 [search highlight] Click a cell and the grid will highlight other similar values Backlog
AG-161 [model new] Allow API call to purge/refresh SPECIFIC virtual page Backlog
AG-129 [Column Filters] Allow set filter to support complex objects as provided set filter values (currently provided set filter values are string[]), especially when using SSRM (as filterValueGetter isn't called) Backlog
For the time being, you can implement this in user code using valueGetter/valueFormatter logic. See the sample below: 1. Open: client-side data - server-side data - 2. In the set filter on the right, uncheck United States 3. Open the dev console 4. (client-side sample only) Click the PRINT FILTER MODEL button above grid 5. Note filterModel object in console Actual & Expected: filterModel contains country codes, not country names
AG-120 [Status panel] Allow customising of status panel Backlog
AG-119 Add Find feature to highlight searched text Backlog
AG-115 [Column Header] Allow editing column headers via the UI Backlog
AG-80 [Component] Allow providing a custom pagination panel template Backlog
AG-60 [Scrolling] Allow grid viewport to scroll to bring into view a matching column header value when using browser search Backlog
AG-3830 [Row selection] Allow choosing Windows/Mac row selection mode Backlog
AG-1252 [Column Group] Allow multi-group columns to keep their ungrouped status (sort, filter, pinned) Backlog
AG-1214 Allow automatically guessing column defs without needing to provide any configuration at all. Handy for simple grids Backlog
AG-1055 [Aligned grids] Allow synchronizing vertical scrolling across grids Backlog
Please see this is implemented in a sample in this article: Please follow this approach to implement this in your solution.
AG-966 [Context Menu] Allow any component from any framework in the context menu Backlog
AG-863 [AutoGroupColumn] Add onCreateAutoColumn callback Backlog
AG-422 [React] Allow GridOption properties (ie sort, filter, range selection) to be reactive and listen to property changes instead of only be read once at initialization Backlog
AG-145 [Excel Export] Allow exporting row group footers (group subtotal rows and grand total row) to Excel/CSV Backlog
AG-142 [virtual model] getRows() called many times with VirtualScrolling Backlog
AG-125 [Drag&Drop] Allow ghost icons to be customised components Backlog
AG-108 [Column resize] Allow 'in-place' resize - SHIFT and drag Backlog
AG-105 [Component] Add new props for renderers: loadingRenderer and innerRenderer (for groups) Backlog
AG-99 [Selection] Allow multi-select for touch devices Backlog
AG-98 [salesforce] Provide as a salesforce app Backlog
AG-97 [tabbing] Add event for tabbing Backlog
AG-96 [navigation] Allow Enter and Tab keys to work like they do in Excel when editing Backlog
AG-94 [model virtual] Allow exporting into CSV when using Virtualisation Backlog
AG-72 [Infinite Row Model] Allow virtual scrolling 'not' load data as soon as the scroll is hit Backlog
AG-65 [Touch] Allow using touch to scroll left pinned columns Backlog
AG-63 [touch] Add cellTouched Method for Columns Backlog
AG-59 [toolpanel] Toolpanel enhancements Backlog
AG-58 [Infinite row model] Add events for loading & rendering virtual pages Backlog
AG-56 [header] Add support for cellStyle and cellClass for headers and header groups Backlog
AG-52 [Scrolling] Allow the pinned column rendering with the scrollLag option Backlog
AG-44 [grouping] Leave items 'outside' of a group if group key is empty Backlog
AG-42 [Pagination] Allow pagination panel to be extracted out of the grid and placed elsewhere in the UI Backlog
Epic Key Summary Release ETA
Reactive Grid AG-1242 Updating params in a component renderer should cause a refresh of the component +0
Reactive Grid AG-1072 Allow grid to be rebuilt from scratch with an API call so we read all the properties from gridOptions again +0
Reactive Grid AG-1605 Print from a copy of the grid via a pop up window +0
Reactive Grid AG-1364 Allow layout=forPrint to be a reactive property +0
AG-1840 [Master/Detail] Allow master and detail grids to synchronize options and styles Backlog
Filters AG-1143 [Column Filters] Allow 'in range' filters to work with only one of the two values set - i.e. if only the range-min value is set, assume range-max value is +infinity and otherwise -infinity Backlog
Filters AG-211 [Status Bar] Allow displaying filter breakcumb in status bar Backlog
Filters AG-1597 [Tree Data] Allow returning all sub-nodes for a specific node Backlog
Filters AG-1180 [Column Filters] Ensure all cell data is loaded before displaying values in set filter Backlog
Grouping AG-1111 Allow config parameter to not count while grouping the group nodes, just the leaf nodes Backlog
Grouping AG-1437 Allow the same row to appear in more than one group at a time Backlog
Grouping AG-463 [Row Grouping] Allow the group row for the expanded tree level/group to float at the top while scrolling through the tree level/group child rows Backlog
Grouping AG-1376 [Row Grouping] When using unbalanced grouping allow grouping so that each row might have different levels of depth Backlog
Grouping AG-1592 Allow in grouping to have only ever one group expanded at a time Backlog
Grouping AG-1245 Allow providing configuration on grouping so when opening group you can configure in which state the next subgroup should be (expanded/collapse) Backlog
Grouping AG-1255 Allow more configuration options for the expand/collapse in a group. Specially a flag to hide it. Backlog
Grouping AG-1145 [Row Grouping] Allow configuring the position of the auto-group column so that it can be moved around and pinned Backlog
Grouping AG-1173 [Row Grouping] Allow row grouping the rows with null/undefined values in the grouped column Backlog
You can implement row grouping for columns with null/undefined values as follows:
Grouping AG-1178 [Row Pinning] Allow providing data for the group column when pinning rows Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1218 [SSRM] Allow getRowHeight to provide smooth transition in SSRM if called dynamically Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1175 [SSRM] Allow hinting how big the scroll bar should be (maybe passing the row number, AND how many rows to cater for in the scroll) Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-687 [SSRM] Add support for group footers and group total footer Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1039 [SSRM] Allow using autoHeight and dynamic row height (via getRowHeight() callback) and maxBlocksInCache=1 (always purge cache when loading a new block) Backlog
You can use a workaround and implement this behavior and force new data to be retrieved each time. However, this workaround is only available when using AG Grid with server-side paging. Instead of setting maxBlocksInCache=1, you can purge the cache each time the current page changes: This way you're using dynamic/auto row height and are purging the cache each time a new data block is loaded.
Server-side Row Model AG-1100 [SSRM] Allow unbalanced groups in SSRM Backlog
Aggregations AG-1226 [Aggregation] Allow aggregations to combine custom aggregations and out of the box aggregations (revamp: Custom Full Row Aggregation) Backlog
Aggregations AG-960 Add support for root node grouping Backlog
Aggregations AG-1706 [Aggregation] Allow registering complex aggregations so that they can be reused by any column Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-972 [Excel Export] Allow exporting full-width group rows as a single cell merged across the entire row in the Excel spreadsheet Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-490 [CSV/Excel export] Allow a callback to return many rows Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-302 [Export] Allow to export the selected rows in a filtered grid even if they don't match the filter Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-1244 [Excel export] Allow grouped rows to export padding to Excel file Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-1369 [Excel Export] Allow loading all the data from the server and exporting it to Excel when using the server-side row model (SSRM) Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-1113 [Excel Export] Allow cells to be exported into many columns Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-751 [Excel export] Allow cellExcelStyle in the colDef Backlog
Clipboard AG-1557 [Clipboard] Add an event to be fired when clipboard operation is complete (should work with CTRL-D too) Backlog
Clipboard AG-1235 [Clipboard] Allow copying entire row and pasting entire row from the clipboard Backlog
Clipboard AG-1302 [Clipboard] Allow specifying what should be copied to the clipboard if rows selected and a single cell selected Backlog
Clipboard AG-1685 [Clipboard] Allow pasting multiple rows/add rows dynamically if not present Backlog
Workaround in our KB
Clipboard AG-1396 [Clipboard] Fill in the selection with clipboard contents when pasting Backlog
Components AG-1241 [Pagination Panel] Convert pagination panel into a separate component Backlog
Componets AG-1103 [Angular 1] Allow header template and header group template to be compiled in angular 1 Backlog
Componets AG-1221 Allow components in Angular 1 to be compiled automatically by the componentProvider Backlog
Componets AG-1168 [Cell Rendering] Allow creating and registering a custom row renderer Backlog
Context menu AG-941 [Context Menu] Allow context menu to grow in size to fit its content Backlog
Improve event loops AG-929 Improve life cycle of events (gridReady should be the first thing to fire) Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-159 [navigation] Suggestion: Allow any key for navigation (not just tab) Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-1404 [Keyboard Navigation] Allow configuring TAB key behaviour when pressed while editing Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-1826 [Keyboard Navigation] Allow pressing SHIFT + ENTER to move focus to cell in the row above Backlog
Performance improvements AG-670 [Performance] Vertical repaint issue with certain browsers Backlog
Performance improvements AG-1317 [Performance] Overcome limitation of maximum div size so that the grid can handle millions of rows Backlog
Performance improvements AG-1274 Have no lag with vertical scroll Backlog
Pivoting AG-1461 Enrich html with pivot values for columns so it is easier to write css selectors. ie red background for [col-pivot-value='english'] Backlog
Pivoting AG-1413 [Pivoting] Allow standalone usage of pivoting engine Backlog
Pivoting AG-1079 [Pivoting] Allow creating columns for aggregations in pivot mode (They operate in secondary columns) Backlog
Scroll AG-491 [trackpad scroll - selection] Support trackpad scroll selection, is working with the wheel and not with the scroll Backlog
Scroll AG-1037 Style the square where the two scroll bars meet Backlog
Scroll AG-1393 Improve the shrinking behavior of scrolled columns when this causes the main H-scroll to change Backlog
Scroll AG-923 Extend suppressKeyboardEvent to page scroll events (home/end) Backlog
Scroll AG-1560 [Scrolling] Allow for refining what happens after a node is expanded or collapsed while paging so that is not logically split across multiple pages Backlog
Scroll AG-1394 Resizing (expanding) the last column should cause the entire grid to scroll as the user resizes Backlog
Server Side Integration AG-1589 Add support for Server-Side Rendering Backlog
Styling AG-943 Add property so that we can add air betweeen rows (increase spacing between rows) Backlog
Styling AG-1177 Allow virtual list to be controlled by sass variables. Backlog
Styling AG-167 [Layout & Styling] Add theme support to navigation buttons in the pagination panel Backlog
Styling AG-713 [Column Groups] Allow styling the edges of group cells Backlog
Validation AG-1677 [Clipboard] Allow ag-grid drop down components to dismiss invalid values pasted or set into it by the fill handle which are not in the set of allowed values Backlog
[React] Make properties/callbacks reactive AG-1836 [React] Make enableStatusBar a reactive property Backlog
[React] Make properties/callbacks reactive AG-1835 [React] Make enableRowGroup a reactive property Backlog
[React] Make properties/callbacks reactive AG-1563 [React] Allow reactiveness for the data when using infinite/server-side row models Backlog
Tree Data post Halloween AG-1066 [Tree data] Allow async branches Backlog
Key Summary Release ETA
AG-4215 [Accessibility] SSRM ARIA-rowcount should be total of all rows, including collapsed rows in row groups Backlog
Docs updated to list limitations of the grid's ARIA implementation. This list should include ARIA-rowcount not getting set for SSRM as it is not possible for the grid to know the total number of rows.
AG-4092 [SSRM] Allow pressing PAGE UP/DOWN keys to reposition after rows are present to the correct row index Backlog
AG-4073 Allow extending the column definition typescript interface so that properties can be added Backlog
AG-4061 Investigate performance issues with the grid and Fuse2 framework Backlog
AG-3958 Allow Ag-grid to work with storybook.JS for testing Backlog
AG-3879 [Excel Export] Allow compressing the generated Excel export file before exporting Backlog
AG-3798 [Excel Export] Add right to left (RTL) support in Excel export Backlog
AG-3767 [Keyboard Navigation] Allow suppressing scroll when navigating with keyboard Backlog
AG-3760 Add support for headless execution Backlog
AG-3739 [Fill Handle] Add events for fill handle e.g. fillHandleClicked, fillHandleDragged Backlog
AG-3729 [Cell Editing] Allow bulk updating all the selected rows by entering edit mode and pressing CTRL+ENTER keys (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-3715 [Pivoting] Allow specifying which columns to be grouped for pivot group totals Backlog
AG-3711 Support rem as the unit of measurement for styling Backlog
AG-3670 [Column Sizing] Allow a new flex mode for columns such that columns can be made bigger without flexing (introducing a horizontal scroll bar), and flex columns only to avoid unused column space in the grid viewport Backlog
AG-3658 Allow editing to be based on a store Backlog
AG-3655 [React] Make groupHideOpenParent a reactive property Backlog
AG-3652 Allow configuring padding/margins between rows and the grid borders Backlog
AG-3643 [Pivoting] Add support for groupRowAggNodes in pivot mode Backlog
AG-3641 Add Support for middle button scroll Backlog
AG-3640 [Excel export] Allow enabling Excel to open exported files with filters enabled by default Backlog
AG-3621 Allow handling the scroll gracefully when scrolling through millions of rows Backlog
AG-3593 [Tooltip] Allow tooltips to be resized dynamically while they are open Backlog
AG-3565 Header AutoSize does not consider the text in multiple levels of grouped headers Backlog
It was never intended for the Column Groups to be included when doing autosize for a column. I have updated the docs to be explicit about this. Given the grid is working as intended, I'm closing this as a bug.
AG-3512 [SSRM] Add SSRM + AWS API gateway example Backlog
AG-3511 Allow configuring which columns should be included when pivotColumnGroupTotals is used Backlog
AG-3493 [Updating Data] Allow users calling an API that will receive a callback method that will guarantee that there are no pending batch updates to process when it gets called Backlog
AG-3471 [Column Tool Panel] Allow the user to configure the columns in the columns tool panel without triggering a backend request, which only gets made when the user clicks an APPLY button Backlog
AG-3463 [Selection] Allow row selection to remove rows when used in combination with SHIFT instead of always add if selecting in a reverse direction (just like Excel) Backlog
AG-3447 [SSRM] When using SSRM with paging, allow pre-fetching data for the next page of records, so user doesn't have to see the loading indicators when they open a new page Backlog
You can implement this when using server-side row model with infinite scrolling using the approach described below. If you have a block size of 200 and want to start loading the next block (with rows 200-400) as soon as the user is scrolling past row index 100, you need to set rowBuffer=100. This way when the user is at row 101, the grid is instantiating row 201, and as that's outside of the data for the current block 0-200, that forces a request for a new block of data (with data for rows 200-400). See this implemented here: Infinite row model - Server-side row model - See the messages in the developer console indicating the second block of data is loaded much earlier as the user is scrolling, so the user doesn't see loading indicators unless they scroll really fast. If that's the case, just increase the value of cacheBlockSize to load larger chunks of data at a time to accommodate that.
AG-3446 [Pivoting] Allow accessing data in a pivot table as you would in a non-pivot table Backlog
AG-3432 Allow for API methods to access the data in a more functional style, ie accept a predicate Backlog
AG-3419 [Row Grouping] Make the rowGroupPanel a customisable component Backlog
AG-3418 [SSRM] [Tree Data] Allow tree data sub-levels to be provided with their main data and not trigger a getRows call Backlog
AG-3416 [React] Make rowGroupPanelShow a reactive property Backlog
AG-3412 Header and body move at different speeds when scrolling horizontally on iPad Backlog
This can't be fixed simply. It's to do with the hardware accelerated scrolling that iOS does. We have listeners that update the header as the body moves, however iOS is doing hardware acceleration to move the body first, then firing listeners second, so body has scrolled before grid is informed of it, thus grid lags behind.
AG-3408 [SSRM] Allow row height to be changed programatically Backlog
AG-3401 [Grouping] Allow configuring a group node expand / collapse behavior ( always expanded / always collapsed / hide chevron) Backlog
AG-3396 [Row Grouping] Allow using groupIncludeFooter and keep the aggregated values also when expanding the row Backlog
AG-3394 onColumnPivotChanged + api.showLoadingOverlay: The grid does not show the overlay until the contents are settled. Backlog
The Grid can't be used to support this use case. Loading Overlays are intended to be used when the grid is loading data from a remote server. While the grid is processing a pivot operation, the JavaScript thread is locked up performing calculations and it's not possible to update the UI.
AG-3366 [Master/Detail] Allow repeating master-level column headers when expanding master rows Backlog
AG-3356 [Column Group] Allow hiding all columns belonging to a column group through the column group itself, as opposed to all the individual child columns Backlog
AG-3354 [SSRM] Allow tri-state checkbox selection to work in the server-side row model just like in the client-side row model (selecting a row selects all its children and selecting a child node but not its siblings sets its parent in partially-selected state) Backlog
AG-3346 [Layout & Styling] Add a Material Dark Theme Backlog
AG-3343 Allow flashing of cells as they come into viewport if they had been updated while they were not in the viewport Backlog
AG-3342 [Pivoting] Allow setting widths for all secondary columns that belong to the same primary columns in one API call Backlog
AG-3307 Allow styling group rows based on them being expanded or collapsed Backlog
AG-3299 Add more SASS variables to the themes to simplify the creation of custom themes Backlog
AG-3289 [Tooltip] Allow tooltips to automatically refresh while being shown as the underlying data is updated Backlog
AG-3273 Allow creating virtual rows that can be derived from other rows, ie Rows that aggregate other rows etc... Backlog
AG-3246 setFilterModel onGridReady + data is received later async + deltaRowMode: the filter associated with the setFilterModel does not work properly anymore Backlog
AG-3242 [Tree Data] Allow Tree Data to work with full-width group rows Backlog
AG-3229 Allow for framework components a mechanisms to hook some custom logic after the component has been rendered (ie to focus on an input box after an Editor is created) Backlog
AG-3205 [Master/Detail] When opening a master row, allow the detail grid to appear above the master row instead of appearing below it Backlog
AG-3191 [Loading cell renderer] Allow row loading component to be used in all available rows in the display port Backlog
AG-3189 [Scrolling] Allow the grid to scroll vertically across multiple grids stacked vertically in iPhone and iPad Backlog
AG-3180 When updating columns when using autoSize or sizeToFit, grid flickers Backlog
there are two items 1) sizeToFit flickers and 2) autoSize flickers . . . . . . the first (sizeToFit flickers) now we prefer users to use flex which doesn't have this issue and then the second (autoSize flickers), yes if you call a method on the grid from an async event, yes the grid will flicker, this applies to ALL interactions with the grid, if you call the API the grid changes! so really what we could do is 'have colDef.autoSize' so cols are autosized by default, but this is a CR not a bug
AG-3167 [Row Pinning] Allow sorting / filtering pinned rows Backlog
AG-3148 [Infinite Row Model] Allow auto height to work with infinite row model Backlog
AG-3139 [Columns Tool Panel] Allow configuring columns toolpanel so that it only has have one vertical scrollbar for ALL sections of the toolbar (not just the columns) Backlog
AG-3115 [Scrolling] Allow configuring how much scroll is to be performed when using the mouse wheel Backlog
AG-3103 [Column Filters] Allow custom loading overlay while loading set filter values asynchronously Backlog
AG-3100 Allow configuring row groups to be always grouped (ie disable users to ungroup them via the UI) Backlog
AG-3095 [Excel Export] Allow exporting pinned rows/columns to Excel as frozen rows/columns Backlog
AG-3091 Allow columnDef.editable to be an async call Backlog
AG-3090 [Overlay] Add support for row overlays, for instance, to show buttons on top of a row as the user hovers over it Backlog
AG-3070 Allow data to be passed back to the grid from a store, instead of a callback Backlog
AG-3053 Allow reverting the way grouped columns are displayed to pre v20 Backlog
this change is on purpose, we won't be fixing to go back to the old way.
AG-3033 Allow for margin (top and bottom) to be accounted for when used in row autoHeight Backlog
AG-3031 [Cell Editing] Allow editors to be automatically as wide as the cell content and/or allow their width to be configured (flex style) Backlog
AG-3006 Allow ignoring click events, if registering for click and double click in a cell and user does double click Backlog
AG-3004 [SSRM] Allow adding partial column data to the grid as the user hides/shows columns Backlog
AG-3001 Allow injecting custom code to be executed dynamically in the grid that would substitute some of the code provided Backlog
AG-2992 Don't use inlined styles in the grid, use classes so that overriding them doesn't require !important Backlog
AG-2986 [Aggregation] Allow the same column to display multiple aggregations values inside (Gold - sum % Gold - avg from our demo for instance) Backlog
AG-2985 [Cell Editors] Allow editors to stay open until they are specifically called to be destroyed (even when the user clicks outside them) Backlog
AG-2980 [Column Moving] Allow column moving to only take effect after the user drops the column, not while the column is still being dragged Backlog
AG-2979 [Pivoting] Allow pivot mode to work on the sorted set of data as opposed to work always on the non-sorted set of data (handy for agg functions like first, last...) Backlog
AG-2975 Allow agLargeTextCellEditor to automatically grow in height if using auto row height Backlog
AG-2971 [Footer row] Allow a new type of footer row that will always be the last row but is not floating Backlog
AG-2966 [Pivoting] Allow for a default agg function to be set for a column so when it is used as value, the default pivoting function is applied Backlog
AG-2964 Allow a flag to stop editing if the field in edit mode leaves the viewport due to scroll Backlog
AG-2960 When minWidth > width show warning in console and increase width to minWidth Backlog
AG-2958 When using null groups + groupDefaultExpanded, a new level is expanded for every grouping field that has a null value Backlog
workaround: if we did 'fix' this, it would be breaking change for other users who depend on the current way it works. what the user is asking for is fair, but how it works is fair also, it's 50/50 as to which one is right. given there is a workaround to change the behavior, this is not needed.
AG-2953 Allow easily adding a grand total row at the top/bottom pinned/unpinned Backlog
AG-2951 [Row Spanning] Allow row spanning to work with column sorting / filtering Backlog
AG-2950 [Excel Export] Allow exporting column header rows with different styles for each column header row. (ie when using column grouping) Backlog
AG-2949 [Layout & Styling] Allow configuring vertical lines between columns across entire grid height Backlog
AG-2939 [Row Grouping] Allow configuring the text to display when grouping on the display group column/leaf node and the source column/group node Backlog
AG-2935 [Pivoting] Allow moving the values from the columns into the rows (as per Excel) Backlog
AG-2934 [Context Menu] Remove "group by column" item from context menu when the column is already grouped Backlog
AG-2925 [SSRM] Add new event to fire after data has been loaded into the screen after a succesful callback from getRows Backlog
AG-2924 Add processCellForClipboard to the column properties Backlog
AG-2920 [Drag & Drop] Allow preventing the scroll in the grid when dragging a row outside the viewport Backlog
AG-2913 Allow combining multiple themes Backlog
AG-2909 [Range Selection][State] Allow range selection to be kept when expanding/collapsing column group Backlog
AG-2888 [Scrolling] Allow styling scroll bars with css / sass./ integration of 3rd party scroll bars. (Like perfect scrollbar) Backlog
AG-2883 [Pivoting] Add option to remove the leaf header column row if only adding one value to pivoting Backlog
AG-2874 Allow using custom tooltips everywhere else where there can be tooltips in ag-grid Backlog
AG-2866 [Row Sorting] Allow setting a default column sort order Backlog
AG-2860 Remove z-index from column separators Backlog
AG-2858 Allow to override $row-height in SASS without syncing gridOptions.rowHeight Backlog
AG-2856 [Column Pinning] Allow removing the horizontal scrollbar in the pinned columns area when there's only one pinned column Backlog
AG-2854 [Column Filters] When using in-range filter with APPLY button, disable APPLY button until the and fields are set Backlog
AG-2824 [Clipboard] Allow the context menu "Copy with Column Headers" to work with multiple column header levels (column groups / secondary columns) Backlog
As a workaround, please use a custom action on the context menu as shown here:
AG-2812 [Row Pinning] Allow setting a height for the pinned rows area and vertically scrolling it Backlog
AG-2787 Allow horizontal scroll to stick to the top of the viewport in Macs when using a trackpad and using the preference scroll 'Automatically based on mouse or trackpad' Backlog
AG-2786 [Column Moving] Prevent moving columns when the drag ghost of a column is dropped elsewhere (ie when using the rowGroupPanel) Backlog
AG-2760 [React] Make column tool panel configuration reactive Backlog
AG-2756 Allow selecting/ dragging many columns at once in the grid Backlog
AG-2742 [Aggregation] Create API methods to return aggregate values for the root node or any other group row node Backlog
AG-2733 Allow the grid to scroll halfway through a cell (ie when page down in a very tall cell) Backlog
AG-2721 Setting cellClass on a column overrides type:numericColumn and aligns numeric values to the left Backlog
This is working as expected. When you use a column type, that is selecting default values for the Column Definition. When you provide something then in the cell that is also in the default, the provided overrides the default. So if you are going override the class, make sure the class you provide also aligns text to the left.
AG-2720 [Column Groups] Allow horizontal sticky group column header content to always show column group header while its child columns are scrolled through Backlog
AG-2699 [SSRM] Allow specifying lastRow independently of the rows in the SSRM in a different asynchronous call Backlog
AG-2681 [Clipboard] CTRL+Click on the same cell many times, then copy causes duplicated values on the copy Backlog
This is expected behaviour, when rangeSelections are enabled, clicking on the same cell multiple times will create a new range for each click. If this behaviour is undesired set the gridOptions property: suppressMultiRangeSelection=true. I tried to reproduce in latest and could not. Am assuming it is fixed.
AG-2666 Allow all the layout of the grid (columnDefs, sorting, filtering), to be centralized so it can be managed together following ACID principles Backlog
AG-2655 [Cell Editing] Add to agRichSelectCellEditors - type-ahead, search, API control, async population of values, multi-selection, resizing Backlog
AG-2640 [Column Filters] Allow floating filter to be different type to main filter Backlog
AG-2635 [Pivoting] Allow secondary columns to reuse colDef properties like hiding when used for values Backlog
AG-2618 [Filter + Grouping] When a leaf node at any depth is included in the filter condition, filter in every other leaf node and subTrees for the parent root node Backlog
AG-2613 [Context Menu] Allow context menu to be provided asynchronously Backlog
AG-2606 [SSRM] Allow for cacheBlockSize to be specified differently when grouping for each level of the grouping. Backlog
AG-2586 [SSRM] Allow groupRemoveLowestSingleChildren to work Backlog
AG-2558 [Column Filters] Allow adding more than two conditions in the column filter Backlog
AG-2557 API - Provide a column in the params to getContextMenuItems even when right-clicking in the edge between cells Backlog
This is not easy to implement. As there is no cell that was clicked on, the grid doesn't know what the column is. This is also not blocking any business functionality - user just needs to right click the cell.
AG-2549 [Aggregation] Allow providing aggregated values asynchronously (using a call to a remote service) Backlog
AG-2538 Allow rowData to be based on position instead of column key Backlog
AG-2525 [Framework] Allow creation of framework components from template Backlog
AG-2474 [Row Grouping] Allow multi-line fully-fledged components to be used inside the group footer row Backlog
AG-2461 [React] Make animateRows a reactive property Backlog
AG-2440 [Overlay] Allow accepting promises to setRowData and show loading overlay automatically Backlog
AG-2415 [Frameworks] Allow integrating native template strings Backlog
AG-2399 Infinite row model + custom renderer + scroll fast: the renderer sometimes is not refreshed after the data is present Backlog
In order for the cell to be refreshed, the grid needs something, either 'field' or 'valueGetter' set on the column, so it can get the value. That is the only way the grid can then tell that the value has changed and the cell needs updating. This is due to the change detection the grid does. To solve, include a valueGetter that will return a different value when the data is loaded. Demonstrated on this plunker:
AG-2393 [Column menu] Allow dragging a column from the column menu into the grid to rearrange columns Backlog
AG-2389 [SSRM] Allow SSRM to work with groupHideOpenParents Backlog
AG-2388 [Tooltip] Allow tooltips to be fully-fledged components Backlog
AG-2385 Columns - Hiding and showing the same column in succession causes the column to decrease in width Backlog
This is the workaround, it autosizes cols first before sizing cols to fit: function sizeColsToFit() { // STEP 1: need to autosize cols first to achieve consistent results var allColumnIds = []; gridOptions.columnApi.getAllColumns().forEach(function(column) { allColumnIds.push(column.colId); }); gridOptions.columnApi.autoSizeColumns(allColumnIds); // STEP 2: then size cols to fit gridOptions.api.sizeColumnsToFit(); } Note the reason for this inconsistent behaviour is due to the algorithm uses a ratio of widths and takes the actualWidths into account, but these are successively changing. The workaround ensure that each time we call sizeColumnsToFit() the actualWidths will be the same each time.
AG-2377 [Clipboard] Allow configuring copy to clipboard to work on the focused cell (as opposed to selection if enabled) Backlog
AG-2368 Allow to force the recalculation of whether the headerCheckboxSelection should be enabled through an API call Backlog
AG-2367 SASS Allow configuring the overall border around the selection box Backlog
AG-2360 [Clipboard] Allow pasting by clicking the paste item in the context menu Backlog
Until this is implemented, you can add this functionality using a temporary workaround solution like this: Note: The example above won't work inside Plunker due to its ClipboardAPI security limitations, so follow steps below: 1. Open 2. Open in a separate window using the button just above the live preview pane 3. Click a cell 4. Press CTRL+C 5. Right-click any other cell to open context menu 6. Click the PASTE context menu Actual & Expected: Copied value gets pasted
AG-2358 [Status bar] Allow passing parameters to the default status bar components to configure title text, value formatting Backlog
AG-2354 [Aligned grids] Allow column groups to have different child columns showing while keeping the overall width Backlog
We have created the following example: Note that this is pretty much like a custom rewrite of the aligned grids to suit your needs.
AG-2345 [Context Menu] Clicking on cell border gives inconsistent results Backlog
This appears to be working fine now. When you click on a border, the same menu appears as if you click behind the rows (eg if you filter all rows out, and then click on the background). All the items relevant to a cell are left out of the menu, which is correct as there was no cell clicked on.
AG-2342 [Excel Export] Allow row spanning in Excel export Backlog
AG-2329 getRowHeight and auto page height in pagination are not working Backlog
As stated in the docs, this is very difficult to combine, we do not plan to fix this. This is not a bug, but a documented item we do not support.
AG-2328 [SSRM] Allow to combine auto height with SSRM without having to purge cache Backlog
AG-2318 [Row Pinning] Allow to configure separate renderers for top and bottom pinned row area Backlog
AG-2313 [Side Bar] Remove DOM elements from the side bar is the side bar is hidden Backlog
AG-2311 [Row Selection] Allow a new property that will deselect all rows when using headerCheckboxSelectionFilteredOnly = true. Backlog
AG-2292 [Column Filters] Allow set filter values to be loaded dynamically based on the search text in the mini filter Backlog
AG-2282 [Column Filters] Allow custom components to be provided to provided filters Backlog
AG-2278 [SSRM] Simplify the process of configuring/creating secondary columns for pivoting Backlog
AG-2260 Create a new component for checkboxes, so they can be configured just in one place for all ag-grid Backlog
AG-2241 [Range selection] Allow Copy Down in a non-contiguous range Backlog
AG-2228 Allow lazy loading of rows when using autoHeight, ie on scroll to configured amount of rows, append n more rows a