React Data GridSSRM Datasource

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This section describes the Server-Side Datasource and demonstrates how it is used to load data from a server.

The Server-Side Row Model requires a datasource to fetch rows for the grid. When users scroll or perform grid operations such as sorting or grouping, more data will be requested via the datasource.

Most of the Server-Side Row Model examples include a fake server that generates SQL to imitate how a real server might use the requests sent from the grid. These examples use AlaSQL which is a JavaScript SQL database that works in browsers.

However, note that the Server-Side Row Model does not impose any restrictions on the server-side technologies used.

Enabling Server-Side Row Model

The Client-Side Row Model is the default Row Model. To use the SSRM instead, set the rowModelType as follows:

const rowModelType = 'serverSide';

<AgGridReact rowModelType={rowModelType} />

Implementing the Server-Side Datasource

A datasource is used by the SSRM to fetch rows for the grid.